MathConn 1997

Surf's up!

Have questions about math? Need homework help?

Ask Dr. Math
Math Q&A service for kids. Browse through past questions, search for what you need, check out the FAQ. You can send in your own question and the Doctor will write back to you.

Forum Student Chat Area
Meet other kids on the web and talk about math. If you have an URGENT question, you might want to see if anyone in the chat area can help.
Looking for challenging math problems?

Geometry Problem of the Week
Annie makes up a new geometry problem every week. Kids send in solutions and get comments back; correct answers get announced to everybody. People who do a really good job get prizes. (this is Annie)

Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks
A good place to find all sorts of math problems to work on. Impress your friends with mental calculation tricks.  

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