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MAW 1993 || 1992 || 1991 - 30 January 1997
Articles, press releases, etc., from past events.

MAW Activities at U. Alaska Fairbanks - 28 January 1997
The first local MAW activity has been posted - certain to be the start of an extensive listing.

Theme Essay, Version 2.0 - 27 January 1997

Annoucing Breaking the Code - 17 January 1997
This program was broadcast nationally by PBS on February 2.

MAW Announcement - 10 January 1997
The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics extends an invitation to participate in MAW 97.

MAW 97 Visuals Added - 9 January 1997
View the theme poster and several close-up images.

Read maw-list on the Web - 8 January 1997
A searchable archive of MAW mailing list announcements and discussions is now available on the Web. Updated daily.

Theme Poster Description - 3 January 1997
View a detail from the poster, and read about its mathematical relevance.

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