Mathematics Awareness Week - April 1998

Mathematics and Imaging

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Planning and Advertising - Math Awareness Week
Get Involved
  • MAW Announcement - February 1998
    The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics extended an invitation to participate in MAW 98.
    Plan Events
  • MAW OpEd for Local Use
    Modify and send this letter to your weekly and/or college newspaper.
  • Media Coverage Tips
    How to increase local media coverage of your MAW events.
  • Recommended Visiting Lecturers
    Invite a mathematician to speak at your institution.
  • MAW 97 Outreach Activities
    Descriptions of MAW 97 celebrations; the theme was Math and the Internet.
  • Ideas for MAW Events
    Suggested activities, based on what people did for MAW 96.
  • Collect Resources
  • MAW Poster Order Form
    Information on how to order the MAW 97 theme poster (or posters from past events).
  • Mathematical Sciences Career Information
    Brochures and booklets of interest to math students.
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