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Celebrate Pi Day!

It's the only holiday to honor a number: Pi Day, on 3/14, the beginning digits of the infinite, nonrepeating decimal expansion of $\pi$ = 3.1415926... As the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, $\pi$ is irrational and transcendental—qualities sure to bring a twinkle to any mathematician's eyes. How are people celebrating Pi Day?

  • The 2022 International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a project led by the International Mathematical Union. This year's theme is "Mathematics Unites." All talks, available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, will be streamed completely free and without any need to sign up. The IDM website also includes posters and pins and fun activities.
  • Are you in the Chicago area? Check out the 10th annual Pi Day "Pi K" Fun Run 2022. There is also a virtual option if you're not able to participate in person!
  • Who came up with Pi Day? Learn about the day's history.
  • Many composers have written music inspired by $\pi$. Here's Noam Elkies' composition, Steganographic Étude #1, based on the first 244 digits of $\pi$, with an explanation.
  • Take Math to Mars and Beyond with NASA's Pi Day Challenge.
  • The Exploratorium in San Francisco hosts events every year. In a free online event, resident artist John Sims will showcase his handmade Pi Quilt and perform spoken word poems with poets Kim Schuck and Sylvia Blalock and original music performed by Science Band.
  • See "Pi Day on Pinterest" by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NTCM).
  • Math Goodies offers lesson plans.
  • College and university math departments have fun on Pi Day. 
  • Search Twitter for the hashtags #PiDay and #IDM314 to see lots more Pi Day celebrations around the world.

If your math department celebrates Pi Day let us know!

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Pie with digits of pi
The first 13 digits of pi (last displayed digit rounded).

Credit: Kay Sweet