Math in the Media poster

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Math in the Media is a monthly online magazine from the AMS Public Awareness Office. Here readers can find Tony Phillips' Take on a variety of stories covered by the media, Math Digest summaries of media coverage of math, and Reviews of books, plays, and films about mathematics and mathematicians.

Although many stories relate to applications of math ("what is math good for?"), articles and radio and television programs also cover current breakthroughs in math research, special events, issues in math education, prize-winning mathematicians--from high school students to world-renowned mathematicians--mathematics history, math-related exhibits in museums, math and the arts, and much more. The Reviews section links to reviews of books related to mathematics (but which are not aimed solely at the professional mathematician). We invite you to bookmark Math in the Media and explore the rich archive. (AMS members may subscribe to the Headlines & Deadlines email news service to be alerted about each new issue.)

The above poster lists just some of the many hundreds of articles and radio segments about mathematics that are covered in Math in the Media:

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