Half of the H&D for Students Staff Goes to Europe

We welcome your submissions of puzzles, text, graphics, or pictures. As an example of a picture submission (which could be more serious than this collection), here are some mathematically themed pictures taken on a May 2007 trip to Europe.

AMS Crew sign in the Paris Metro
Sign at a Paris Metro station.
Not pictured: The two startled kissing Parisians beneath the sign.


Rue Monge street sign
A Paris street sign, near the Panthéon.
le Café Descartes
A café in the Latin Quarter of Paris.


Rue A. Cauchy street sign
For sale at a market in Provence, but there was no purchase since there was less than epsilon room left in the luggage.


AMS sign in Florence
Relocating AMS offices and staff in Florence would not be as expensive as expected - there's already a sign ready for us.

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Pictures by Notices of the AMS Managing Editor Sandy Frost and Public Awareness Officer Mike Breen.