Math in the Media

Math in the Media

This month: Tony Phillips' Take (Confidence, Women and Calculus I; Update on Smale's 7th problem; Another update on abc); Math Digest (summaries of media stories about Maya DiRado, Barry Simon, string theory, bicycle math, randomness, and more); and links to Reviews of books, plays and films. Read more . . .

Surface Topology in Bach Canons, I: The Möbius strip

In this month's column by Tony Phillips, you can hear a Möbius strip.


Mathematical Imagery

Explore the world of mathematics and art. Recently added: New Mathematical Concepts Illustrated by Hamid Naderi Yeganeh and works from the 2016 Mathematical Art Exhibition.

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

The second round of qualifying for the 2017 national Who Wants to Be a Mathematician is going on until Oct. 31. The championship is Jan. 7 at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta.