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Mathematics Awareness Month - April

MAM 2014 posterEach year in April the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics sponsors Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM) to recognize the importance of mathematics through a series of essays and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.

This year's theme is Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery.

From magic squares and Möbius bands to magical card tricks and illusions, mysterious phenomena with elegant "Aha!" explanations have permeated mathematics for centuries. Such brain-teasing challenges promote creative and rational thinking, attract a wide range of people to the subject, and often inspire serious mathematical research. This year the Mathematics Awareness Month Committee and volunteers have put together 30 theme-related activities. Each day in April one activity will be revealed that corresponds with an image on the theme poster. See the 2014 theme announcement, essay and poster; link to related resources; and submit your school's activity to celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month. And be sure to follow @MathAware on Twitter and MAM Facebook.

AMS Mathematics Awareness Month-related resources:

AMS Books

MBK-64 STML-5 MBK-64

Articles in Notices of the AMS

Mathematical Imagery Art Works

Mathematical Moments

  • Catching and Releasing, a podcast interview wtih Ronald Graham (and a downloadable poster) about math and juggling

The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics is an organization of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the American Statistical Association (ASA), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Mathematics departments in institutions around the U.S. use Mathematics Awareness Month as an opportunity to promote awareness of mathematics --its applications and beauty--by offering special lectures, events, contests, and more. See themes of the current and past years, download the posters, read the theme essays by specialists in each field, use the suggested resources, get ideas on how to publicize activities, and link to the websites.