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Mathematical Reviews® Tools

Mathematics Subject Classification

Search the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme. This scheme, developed by the two reviewing databases, Mathematical Reviews® (MR) and Zentralblatt MATH (Zbl), is used by them to classify book and article listings.

Free MathSciNet® Searches

The following MathSciNet® searches are available without a subscription:

  • Search by MSC for bibliographic listings and reviews that have appeared in the past six months.
  • Determine which journals have been listed in the past six weeks.
  • Find the collaboration distance between any two authors in the MR database.
  • Classify your articles using the MSC scheme.

Constructing Links to MathSciNet®

Authors and publishers can add a permanent link to the MathSciNet® entry for each reference in a published paper using a standard format and tools provided free of charge by the American Mathematical Society. The Society provides several tools for constructing these links. We encourage the community to make a commitment to add these links to all new papers and request that publishers include links in all electronic literature.

Create standard references with links to MathSciNet®. The reference can be typed or copied and pasted into this tool.

Use a simple interactive form to find standardized bibliographic data and direct links that may be inserted in web-aware environments.

Perform batch queries for bibliographic data.

Create permanent links to MathSciNet® listings or to authors in the MR database.

MR Author Profile Search

Search the MR database of authors.

MR Institution Code Lookup

Search the MR database of institution codes.

AMS Digital Mathematics Registry (DMR)

Locate and access collections of digitized publications in the mathematical sciences or recommend additions to the registry.

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