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News from the AMS Web Working Group

What's new?

AMS Partnerships page

Education landing page and Graduate School: Considering & Choosing pages are now live

Math in the Media upgrade

Feature Column upgrade

Work currently in progress

  • Updating Journals pages
  • Global Navigation and updated home page

The following work has been completed as of 9 December 2021





Diversity homepage created

Government Relations

Giving to the AMS

Public Outreach

  • News & Public Outreach home
  • Math Imagery
  • Math Moments podcasts on Alexa: "Alexa, play Mathematical Moments Podcasts"
    • Also available on Google podcasts, iTunes and Spotify
    • Math Moments available via Alexa, iTunes and Google Play Music
    • Google Music
    • TuneIn
    • Say: “Alexa, play the Math Moments podcast”.
    • New brand compliant imagery for iTunes, tuneIn and Google Music available
  • Alexa skills begs the question: Do we want to add more skills like “Alexa, tell me what’s new on the AMS bookstore?” Or “Alexa what’s new in AMS journals?”

Website General



  • PDF review now in place
  • Ability to add description and image for social sharing. Note: There are some lag times due to internet caching.
  • Editor Upgrade
  • Form Builder

Content Providers

  • April 2019 SXT held Content Producers Workshop
  • October 2019 Communications and Graphic Arts held "What is User-Centric" workshop



  • MR Author ID links now in use around the site
  • Hotjar now being used to supplement Google analytics
  • Print stylesheet in place on www - makes for good looking meetings agenda print pages (this was a helpdesk request from meetings)
  • Zoom branding -

Web Assessment Tools

  • We have recently acquired these web assessment tools to assist us with accessibility compliance and to measure the usability of our web pages.
  • Accessibility - Lighthouse Audit

AMS Customer Profile Screens

  • Significantly increased the amount of information available to the customer to view/edit.
  • Membership Details
  • Member Directory Listing (similar to the old CML Update)
  • Education
  • Research Identifiers (MR Id & ORCID)
  • Enhanced Donation History
  • Ability to make payment on existing pledges.