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News from the AMS Web Working Group

What's new?

Department of Education landing page and Graduate School: Considering & Choosing pages are now live

The AMS Member-Get-a-Member program is now active.

Society Governance landing page has a new graphic to illustrate governance

Board of Trustees uses new photo-based template, includes link to MR Author Profile

Officers of the AMS uses new photo-based template, includes link to MR Author Profile

Policy Statements & Guidelines now includes statements from the Committees on the Profession and on Human Rights of Mathematicians

Current Index to Statistics is active on the Mathematical Reviews environment.

Committees calendar uses sortable table from

Work currently in progress

  • AMS Partnerships page
  • Society Governance target site review
  • The Annual Survey target site review

The following work has been completed as of 31 December 2019





Diversity homepage created

Goverment Relations

Giving to the AMS

Public Outreach

  • News & Public Outreach home
  • Math Imagery
  • Math Moments podcasts on Alexa: "Alexa, play Mathematical Moments Podcasts"
    • Also available on Google podcasts, iTunes and Spotify
    • Math Moments available via Alexa, iTunes and Google Play Music
    • Google Music
    • TuneIn
    • Say: “Alexa, play the Math Moments podcast”.
    • New brand compliant imagery for iTunes, tuneIn and Google Music available
  • Alexa skills begs the question: Do we want to add more skills like “Alexa, tell me what’s new on the AMS bookstore?” Or “Alexa what’s new in AMS journals?”

Website General



  • PDF review now in place
  • Ability to add description and image for social sharing. Note: There are some lag times due to internet caching.
  • Editor Upgrade
  • Form Builder

Content Providers

  • April 2019 SXT held Content Producers Workshop
  • October 2019 Communications and Graphic Arts held "What is User-Centric" workshop



  • MR Author ID links now in use around the site
  • Hotjar now being used to supplement Google analytics
  • Print stylesheet in place on www - makes for good looking meetings agenda print pages (this was a helpdesk request from meetings)
  • Zoom branding -

Web Assessment Tools

  • We have recently acquired these web assessment tools to assist us with accessibility compliance and to measure the usability of our web pages.
  • Accessibility - Lighthouse Audit

AMS Customer Profile Screens

  • Significantly increased the amount of information available to the customer to view/edit.
  • Membership Details
  • Member Directory Listing (similar to the old CML Update)
  • Education
  • Research Identifiers (MR Id & ORCID)
  • Enhanced Donation History
  • Ability to make payment on existing pledges.