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MAA Discount Instructions

These instructions detail the process required for MAA members to receive their discount on MAA books purchased from the AMS Bookstore. This process is only for MAA members who are not also AMS members.

There is an initial setup which only has to be completed one time. After the initial setup you will just login from MAA and be redirected to the AMS Bookstore. The MAA login must happen if you want the discount applied.

Important Note: The discount will not show in the shopping cart, you will need to proceed to checkout before you can see the discount.


One Time Initial Setup

If you already have an AMS account, please begin at step 2.

1. Create an AMS account. Go to and click on Create New Account. Then follow the instructions for creating a new account. At the end of the account process you will be on a profile page where you can modify your information and set your account preferences.

2. Go to the MAA website and use the discount login link. After logging in to MAA you will be redirected to the AMS Website Login.

3. Log in to your AMS account and you will be redirected to the AMS Bookstore.

Your initial setup is now completed. From now on when you login from the MAA discount link you will be redirected to the AMS Bookstore.