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Mathematical Challenges Mathematical Challenges
of the 21st Century
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Plenary Speakers
(listed alphabetically)

pin marker  James G. Arthur University of Toronto The principle of functoriality
pin marker   Alexander A. Beilinson University of Chicago On the Geometric Langlands Conjecture
pin marker   Michael V. Berry University of Bristol Wave asymptotics and borderland physics
pin marker   Haim Brezis University of Paris XI/Rutgers University The interplay between analysis and topology in some nonlinear PDEs
pin marker   Alain Connes College de France Noncommutative geometry
pin marker   David Leigh Donoho Stanford University High-dimensional data analysis: The blessings and curses of dimensionality
pin marker   Charles L. Fefferman Princeton University Unsolved problems of fluid mechanics
pin marker   Michael H. Freedman Microsoft Research The physics of computation
pin marker   Ronald L. Graham University of California, San Diego Mathematics in the 21st century: Problems and prospects
pin marker   Helmut H. W. Hofer Courant Institute,
New York University
Dynamical systems at the interface of symplectic geometry and three-dimensional topology
pin marker   Richard M. Karp University of Washington Algorithmic challenges from genomics and molecular biology
pin marker   Sergiu Klainerman Princeton University On the analysis of geometric evolution equations
pin marker   Maxim Kontsevich Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques Operads of little discs in algebra and topology
pin marker   Peter D. Lax Courant Institute,
New York University
Mathematics and computing
pin marker   Simon Levin Princeton University Ecosystems as complex adaptive systems
pin marker   László Lovász Microsoft Research Classical mathematics and new challenges
pin marker   David Mumford Brown University Modeling perception and inference in intelligent systems
pin marker   Peter Sarnak Princeton University Some problems in number theory and related analysis
pin marker   Saharon Shelah Hebrew University/Rutgers University Logical dreams
pin marker   Peter W. Shor AT&T Labs Quantum computation
pin marker   Yakov G. Sinai Princeton University From renormalization in dynamics to renormalization in probability and statistical physics
pin marker   Richard P. Stanley Massachusetts Institute of Technology Recent progress in algebraic combinatorics
pin marker   Dennis P. Sullivan The CUNY Graduate School String topology
pin marker   Clifford Taubes Harvard University Bliss and ignorance in 4-dimensions
pin marker   Jean E. Taylor. Rutgers University Mathematics and materials science
pin marker   William P. Thurston University of California, Davis Three-dimensional topology and geometry
pin marker   Karen Uhlenbeck University of Texas, Austin Geometric partial differential equations: From Hilbert's 23rd Problem to nonlinear waves
pin marker   S. R. S. Varadhan Courant Institute,
New York University
Stochastic analysis and applications
pin marker   Edward Witten Institute for Advanced
Study, Princeton University
The mathematical impact of quantum fields and strings
pin marker   Shing-Tung Yau Harvard University Geometry and its relation to physics

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