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Mailing List Rentals

Our list of mathematicians and other scientists is quite likely the richest source of successful prominent researchers and educators you'll find anywhere. With our help, you can mail to heads of departments, or any of 63 groups of math specialists. Best of all, our lists are updated daily!

Ordering and General Information

For more information or to order, call: Customer Service, 800-321-4AMS (321-4267) or 401-455-4000; fax: 401-455-4046; email: Customer Service

Publisher's Approval

When you order, please include a complete sample of your mailing piece(s) for approval by the Society. All recruitment promotions must conform to legal regulations barring discrimination.


Institutional and Individual lists are available as an ASCII comma-delimited file (CSV).  Please note that the AMS does not provide email addresses - only postal addresses.  Please submit your completed agreement with your order.

Payments Terms

Prepayment is required.  For efficient delivery, invoices can be emailed or faxed.  After payment is received, mailing lists will be sent to you or your designee immediately.  We accept payment by check, money order, bank transfer, or credit card (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa). All pricing in US dollars.


Institutional Lists:

Heads of Mathematics and Related Departments: \$150/M for non-members (Institutional/Individual Members \$120/M; Corporate Members \$135/M; Institutional Associates \$143/M)

The most frequently ordered list of heads of mathematics and related departments is composed of PhD, MS and BS degree-granting departments. Lists can usually be made in 24–48 hours if a sample of the proposed mailing is included.

Individual Lists:

Lists of AMS members and mathematicians by subject area (see below).

Non-member - \$195/M

Institutional or Individual Member - \$156/M

Corporate Members \$176/M

Institutional Associates - \$185/M

There is a \$300 minimum charge for lists of individuals. Prices are subject to change.

There is a minimum charge for at least 500 names in each separate list, unless otherwise noted. However, lists can be combined and merged to your specifications. Partial lists selected by zip codes, geographical areas, alphabetical order, or nth name are available upon request at an additional \$15/M. Keycoding (special identifying codes of up to ten characters) can be ordered on any list for an additional \$15/M.

General Information

Lists are merged and sorted in zip code order, unless specified otherwise.

If a mailing piece is returned by the USPS as undeliverable, please notify us. We will remove the name from our lists until we have obtained a new address. We will refund 25 cents per name for any returns above 1% of the list rented.

Please note: Mailing lists of the AMS are rented for one-time use only and are not to be copied for reuse or incorporation into other lists without the permission of the Society.

Individual Lists

AMS Members

A membership list of the oldest society in the United States for professional mathematicians.

Count: approximately 28,000

Distribution: 69% (U.S.); 4% (Canada); 27% (ROW)

Mathematicians by Subject Area (Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme - MSC)

For more specialized announcements, mailing lists of individuals are available according to area of mathematical interest. Approximately 39% of the listed names are AMS members. The lists also include subscribers, participants at special meetings and seminars, reviewers, and buyers of AMS products. The geographical distribution of the list is approximately 71% North America and 29% outside of North America.

A mailing list may be ordered consisting of any combination of specialties. Such a list has no duplications. (Note that because each individual may choose more than one area of specialization, we cannot determine in advance the size of a mailing list that combines two or more areas.)

Institutional Lists

Heads of Mathematics and Related Departments

The AMS annually compiles lists of department heads in the United States and Canada (with just a few other foreign addresses). The chart below indicates the categories into which these lists are broken down, with the approximate counts for each category.

Lists may be ordered by specifying one of the following:

  • any of the departments listed in columns A-D below.
  • the highest degree granted by the departments as listed in rows 1-6 below.
  • any desired combination of degree and department.

Combinations may be specified in writing or by printing the chart and circling the desired combinations. All combinations are merged in zip code order unless specified otherwise.

  A B C D
Highest Degree Granted Mathematics Statistics Computer Science Misc. Other TOTALS
1 PhD 295 121 157 35 608
2 MS 245 20 85 7 357
3 BS 923 4 134 18 1,079
4 Associate 644 0 27 26 697
5 Other 3 0 1 11 15
6 No Degree 118 1 4 26 149
  TOTALS 2,228 146 408 123 2,905

Please contact the AMS for current list counts.