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AMS Committees

AMS Committees make significant contributions to our policies and to our various programs and services. 

The Council, Board of Trustees, and Executive Committee have authorized a variety of standing and ad hoc committees which are responsible to them. Appointments to most committees are made by the President, with advice from the Committee on Committees and the Editorial Boards Committee, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity across aspects including mathematical specialty, ethnicity, age, gender, geographic region, and other pertinent factors.

Suggest Members for AMS Committees or Offices

Your voice matters. Nominate yourself and colleagues to serve on AMS committees.If you are interested in serving on a committee, or nominating a colleague to serve, we want to hear from you. Please use this form to send us your nominations. You may also suggest candidates for election to an office or for a seat on the Editorial Boards Committee or Nominating Committee.


For further information about committees, please contact the AMS Secretary.

Alphabetical list of ALL committees


Your Society Governance Illustrated

Policy Committees

Each policy committee provides major direction for AMS activities in its area.

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Editorial Committees

AMS Editorial Committees play a crucial role in our publishing endeavors. Committee members perform a range of essential duties, such as soliciting, acquiring, editing, and publishing mathematics research. Your service on these committees directly contributes to the AMS's reputation as one of the leading publishers of advanced mathematics for over 100 years.

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Prize, Fellowship, and Award Committees

The following committees help advance public awareness of mathematics and the professional standing of the mathematical sciences by recognizing individuals and programs for their contributions to the literature and to the mathematics community.

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