AMS website redesign

AMS Redesigns Website:
The American Mathematical Society launches its newly redesigned website. Based on input from the mathematics community, the new website implements many changes to help users find relevant information and complete their web-based tasks more effectively.  Read more about the new features and let us know what you think.

New features and benefits at a glance:

Revised navigation

Redesigned navigation that logically organizes the content.

The redesigned navigation allows you to move around the AMS website easily, to quickly find news and information about AMS programs and services important to you.

Breadcrumb navigation

Orientation within the site.

On any page you visit you can see where you are within the website's areas and hierarchy. So instead of using your browser back button you can simply view "You are here" and navigate back.


"Personas" provide another way for you to see content focused on your professional needs.

News & Calendar

Find context-sensitive news and calendar items throughout the site. For instance, if you are visiting the Programs section of the site, learn what's happening with Fellowships, Grants, Mathematics Research Communities and other programs.

New Page Layout

The clear, concise page layout presents all facets of the content for your easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is now a searchable FAQ database.

Have questions about how to use AMS points or shipping options or just about anything else? Search the database and find answers to your questions.

Social networking

More social network sharing options.

Now post content from the AMS website to your Facebook profile or scores of other social networking sites. Watch the site as we develop additional social networking opportunities.


Popular links

Popular pages are just a click away.

The links across the top of every page take you to the most frequently-visited AMS resources.


Translate pages into many languages.

Google Translate provides a way for you to translate content into many different languages, making the AMS website a truly global portal.

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