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Book Author Resources

The AMS values your contribution as an author and strives to provide you with all the information you need to help make your publication a success. The AMS Book Program concentrates on high-quality expository works, texts, and traditional research publications. By publishing with the AMS, your book will be part of one of the most respectable collections of mathematical literature in the world.

AMS Book Production Steps
Initial Submission | Produce Your Book | Submit Your Book | Post-Publication Information

Submit Your Book

Before submitting the source file(s) for your accepted article or monograph:

  • Proofread your article or monograph carefully.
  • Remember that the files that you send must be the exact files used to generate the proof copy that was accepted for publication.

After your book or article is accepted for publication:

  • Submit the TeX (AMS-LaTeX) source file(s) and any graphics files to the AMS as soon as possible.
  • Submit the PDF version of your article or monograph for reference copy.
  • Send only the files that are needed to process your submission or archive it for future reference.

Note: AMS technical staff process initial submissions quickly upon arrival in our office; therefore, we cannot accept revised submissions unless there is a critical error in the initial submission.   If you find a correction after your initial submission, please indicate the change on the confirmation/proof copy you will receive prior to publication of your paper.

Preparing your file for submission to the AMS

  • The AMS strongly encourages you to use the appropriate author package to prepare your manuscript.
  • Acceptable file formats: AMS-LaTeX and Encapsulated PostScript.
  • NOTE: If you are submitting multiple files, use the ZIP utility to compress them into a single file for transmission.

Sending your file to the AMS

  • Web (preferred)
    • Submit ACCEPTED manuscripts via the Web.
    • For security and confidentiality reasons, you must have an AMS Web Account. You will be given an opportunity to create an account as you go through the submission process.
  • Email
    • Include a message indicating the name of the book series and the name of the author or volume editor (if applicable).
    • Files larger than 10MB cannot be sent via email. Please contact AMS staff for instructions.