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AMS Author Handbook

The Author Handbook contains guidelines for preparing AMS-LaTeX files for submission to the AMS for publication.

There are four versions of the handbook, depending on the nature of the manuscript. The appropriate version is bundled into every author package, but a PDF copy can also be downloaded from here:

All versions of the handbook address the following topics:

  • Options available for the document class
  • Package recommendations
  • Other preamble material (commands and theorems), overview
  • Top matter (title, author, subject classifications, abstract, . . .
  • Structure of the body (headings, equation numbering, . . .
  • Indexing
  • Floating objects (figures and tables)
  • Back matter (bibliography and how to prepare it)
  • Graphics
  • Checklist to use before submitting files.
  • File submission
  • Where to get help