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AMSFonts version 3 is included on TeX Live and other distributions from 2009 or later. If you don't have such a distribution installed, use the following instructions.

Download AMSFonts version 3

This archive ( will unpack into an existing TEXMF structure, as defined by the TeX Directory Structure (TDS) standard, in most cases providing a ready-to-use installation.

What is in the AMSFonts collection?

This collection contains the standard Computer Modern fonts, in Type 1 form, along with related support files. The CM fonts were formerly distributed separately.

In addition, the collection includes a set of miscellaneous TeX fonts that augment the standard Computer Modern set. This component is what is usually referred to as AMSFonts. These AMS-specific fonts include

  • Euler math fonts
  • Extra mathematical symbols
  • Blackboard bold letters (uppercase only)
  • Fraktur letters
  • Subscript sizes of bold math italic and bold Greek letters
  • Subscript sizes of large symbols such as sum and product
  • Additional sizes of the Computer Modern small caps font
  • Cyrillic fonts (from the University of Washington)

Because these fonts are standard TeX fonts, they may be used with any standard TeX system.

The bundled distribution of the AMSFonts collection contains:

  • Font metric (TFM) files
  • Type 1 (PostScript) outlines
  • Metafont source files
  • Macro files for Plain TeX and LaTeX support

Bitmap (PK) files are no longer distributed or supported. Where Type 1 fonts are available, modern TeX distributions do not require PK fonts. When PK fonts are required for some specialized purpose, they can easily be generated on the fly.

Documentation for AMSFonts version 3

The AMSFonts User's Guide (still for version 2.2) is available as a ready-to-print PDF file. (A PostScript file and the TeX source are included in the distribution.) This guide contains images of the fonts as well as instructions for their use.