Help and Information Sources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access the on-line FAQ compiled by the UK TeX Users Group for answers to Frequently Asked Questions on TeX-related topics.
  • To obtain a printable version, go to CTAN and select a file named "letterfaq" for your own reference use.
    This file is formatted for U.S. letter-size paper. An A4 version is called "newfaq".
  • The file is available as a TeX source, as well as in .dvi, .ps and .pdf form. If you retrieve the TeX source, you may also need some style files, in the same directory.

LaTeX Topics

  • Catalogue of (La)TeX macros and styles

    The CTAN edition of Graham Williams' LaTeX Catalog Online lists and describes briefly many (La)TeX tools and packages, most of them available on CTAN.

  • A LaTeX bug?

    Before asking for help, check the LaTeXbugs database.

    Bug reports include the problem statement and examples that trigger the bug, as well as (possibly) discussion, workarounds, and, for bugs that have been resolved, a statement of what was done and the applicable LaTeX version.

    Topics covered (among others): LaTeX, AMS-LaTeX, Babel, Graphics and color, PostScript fonts, and Tools.

General TeX discussion lists and user forums

  • Usenet newsgroup:  comp.text.tex

    Read current messages with a Usenet news reader.
    A public news reader on the Internet is found at

  • Electronic TeX Digest:  TeXhax

    Send messages to
    To subscribe or view the archives, visit the TUG TeXhax page.

  • On-line user forum:  StackExchange

    Questions regarding TeX, LaTeX and friends are categorized by topic, with questions and answers voted by participants for relevance and usefulness. Visit the questions page to view the archives.

Discussion lists for particular TeX implementations, flavors and front ends

  • MikTeX
    To subscribe, follow the instructions at the MikTeX website. This page also contains pointers to the list archives.
  • BaKoMa TeX
    Enter a subscription from the web page
  • TeX on Mac OS X
    To subscribe, follow the instructions at the MacOS X TeX/LaTeX Web Site using the Mailing Lists link on the left hand side.
    That page also contains pointers to digests of the archives.
  • OzTeX
    Send correspondence to
    There is a separate moderated announcements list.
    To subscribe, send a message with one line in the body, saying
        subscribe oztex-info
        subscribe oztex-announce
    mail to:
    Before sending a question to oztex-info, see if the OzTeX FAQ has the answer.
  • pdfTeX
    Send messages to
    To subscribe or view the archives, visit the TUG pdftex page.
  • XeTeX
    Send messages to
    To subscribe or view the archives, visit the TUG XeTeX page.
  • LuaTeX
    Send messages to
    To subscribe or view the archives, visit the TUG LuaTeX page.
  • ConTeXt
    Mailing lists for ConTeXt are maintained in a Wiki.
    The landing page contains some useful guidelines for submitting questions.
  • LyX
    There are lists for announcements, users, developers, documentation team, and more. All are archived.
    For details, see the LyX mailing list web page. There is also an extensive Wiki.
  • Scientific WorkPlace/Scientific Word
    The forum archives can be viewed here; login is required to post a new question or comment.