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Robert Steinberg Collected Papers
Robert Steinberg, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Collected Works
1997; 599 pp; hardcover
Volume: 7
ISBN-10: 0-8218-0576-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0576-3
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This volume is a collection of papers by Robert Steinberg. It contains all of his published papers on group theory, including those on "special representations" (now called Steinberg representations), tensor products of representations, finite reflection groups, regular elements of algebraic groups, Galois cohomology, universal extensions, etc. At the end of the book, there is a section called "Comments on the Papers". The comments by Steinberg explain how ideas and results have evolved and been used since they first appeared.


Graduate students and research mathematicians interested in algebraic groups and representations.


"I think all readers of Steinberg's work are struck by the deep insight which the results never fail to reveal and the elegance with which they are proved."

-- Mathematical Reviews

Table of Contents

  • A geometric approach to the representations of the full linear group over a Galois field
  • The representations of \(GL(3,q)\), \(GL(4,q)\), \(PGL(3,q)\), and \(PGL(4,q)\)
  • Prime power representations of finite linear groups
  • Prime power representations of finite linear groups. II
  • On the number of sides of a Petrie polygon
  • Eigenvalues of the unitary part of a matrix
  • Finite reflection groups
  • Variations on a theme of Chevalley
  • The simplicity of certain groups
  • Automorphisms of finite linear groups
  • Invariants of finite reflection groups
  • Automorphisms of classical Lie algebras
  • A general Clebsch-Gordan theorem
  • Generators for simple groups
  • A closure property of sets of vectors
  • Complete sets of representations of algebras
  • Générateurs, relations et revêtements de groupes algébriques
  • Representations of algebraic groups
  • Differential equations invariant under finite reflection groups
  • Regular elements of semisimple algebraic groups
  • On the Galois cohomology of linear algebraic groups
  • Classes of elements of semisimple algebraic groups
  • Endomorphisms of linear algebraic groups
  • Algebraic groups and finite groups
  • Conjugacy classes
  • Abstract homomorphisms of simple algebraic groups
  • Torsion in reductive groups
  • On a theorem of Pittie
  • On the desingularization of the unipotent variety
  • On theorems of Lie-Kolchin, Borel and Lang
  • Conjugacy in semisimple algebraic groups
  • Kleinian singularities and unipotent elements
  • Generators, relations, and coverings of algebraic groups. II
  • Finite subgroups of \(SU_2\), Dynkin diagrams and affine Coxeter elements
  • Some consequences of the elementary relations of \(SL_n\)
  • Tensor product theorems
  • On Dickson's theorem on invariants
  • An occurrence of the Robinson-Schensted correspondence
  • Parabolic subgroups with Abelian unipotent radical
  • Nagata's example
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