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Programs for New Faculty

The American Mathematical Society serves the mathematical community through its publications, meetings, advocacy, and other programs that support professionals in the mathematical sciences.

Here are some AMS programs, products, and activities of special interest to new faculty.

For your Mathematical Research

These AMS resources facilitate getting published, connecting with collaborators, traveling to meetings and conferences, and finding relevant mathematics publications.

  • AMS-Simons Travel Grants. People who are less than 4 years past the PhD can apply for these $5000 grants to support travel and research expenses for conferences or to work with research collaborators. Deadline each year is March 31.
  • Mathematics Research Communities. This program fosters research collaborations among recent PhDs and includes a week-long summer workshop and Special Session at the Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • AMS Centennial Research Fellowship. This one-year fellowship supports an outstanding mathematician who is 3–12 years past the PhD. Deadline is December 1 annually.
  • Meetings and Conferences. Present your work, explore new research areas, and connect with colleagues in your field at AMS sectional meetings, specialized conferences and short courses, and the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Note, AMS child care grants are available to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • MathSciNet®. This online database of almost 3 million items is great for literature searches, exploring links between papers, and following your favorite mathematical authors. Search for yourself to see who is citing your papers!
  • Books, eBooks, and Journals. The AMS is one of the top publishers of advanced mathematics around the world.

For your Teaching

Here you'll find undergraduate and graduate level textbooks, free posters and materials to inform and inspire students, a blog on mathematics education, and fellowships for those involved in teaching.

  • Textbooks. Check out the AMS's collection of undergraduate and graduate textbooks on a wide range of introductory and advanced topics.
  • Posters. Decorate your office and department with AMS posters promoting awareness of mathematics, its beauty and applications. Free.
  • Mathematical Moments. These printable pdfs connect mathematics to many different topics in science, nature, technology, and human culture. Also available in translation and with podcast interviews with experts in the field. Free.
  • Math in the Media. This resource includes a monthly column by mathematician Tony Phillips of Stony Brook University provides a survey of math in the news.
  • AMS Project NExT Fellows. The AMS sponsors six Project NExT Fellows each year.

For Networking and Advancing Your Career

AMS is committed to helping you succeed in your career in academia. Find employment services, survey reports on the profession, a blog by early career mathematicians and fellowships.

  • Employment Services. Apply for jobs online at MathJobs.Org. Job interviews are held at the Employment Center during the Joint Mathematics Meetings each January.
  • Mathematical Opportunities. Find grants and other opportunities for you and your students on a searchable web portal.
  • Salary Data. Wondering what math professors earn? Learn more about the salaries of new PhDs and mathematics faculty at various types of institutions.
  • AMS Congressional Fellowship. Get a unique experience in mathematics and public policy by spending a year working for a Member of Congress or a congressional committee.

For Membership in the AMS

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) connects mathematician and student members to the national and international community through its publications, meetings, advocacy and other programs. Our members work to further the interests and reach of mathematical research, scholarship and education. Find information about AMS Services and Benefits, such as free shipping on all purchases* and discounts on publications and meeting registration fees. Join the AMS today and receive access to exclusive content, publication and meeting registration discounts, and access to the vast community of mathematician members!

*Individual AMS members receive free standard shipping on orders delivered to addresses in the U.S (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

For More information

For more information about these and other AMS programs contact AMS Programs department.