Centennial Fellowship

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Your gift helps provide a one-year mathematical research fellowship to recipients who have shown excellence in their area of study. Fellows must have held their doctoral degree for at least three years and not more than twelve years at the inception of the award. The Centennial Fellowship has played a vital part in fostering outstanding mathematical research for over forty years.

2018-19 Centennial Fellowship Recipient

Toan T. Nguyen Toan T. Nguyen is an associate professor at Pennsylvania State University, Department of Mathematics. His main research interests include analysis of partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, kinetic theory of gases, nonlinear waves, boundary layers, and weak turbulence. Read the full notice about his award.

Photo credit: photo by Thanh Tran

Did you know?

Since 1973 over 100 people have received research support through the Centennial Fellowship. Their resulting work has influenced many areas of mathematics research.

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