AMS Hosts Congressional Briefing

The AMS held its annual Congressional Briefing on December 10, 2014 in Washington, DC. Robert Ghrist, Andrea Mitchell University Professor of Mathematics and Electrical/Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania gave the presentation on "The Future of Mathematics: Education & Innovation." The briefing addressed the role of innovation both in research (cutting-edge fields of inquiry) and education (through, e.g., on-line courses and MOOCs), giving a glimpse at the future of Mathematics.

Professor Ghrist cited the numerous and daunting scientific and technological challenges that the United States must solve to guarantee long-term health, prosperity, and peace. He spoke about how mathematics has been a key ingredient in the past to breakthrough solutions -- spawning cryptography, computer science, and data analysis -- and how novel challenges will demand novel mathematics, created and communicated

The AMS holds annual congressional briefings as a means to communicate information to policymakers. Speakers discuss the importance of mathematics research and present their work in layman's terms to Congressional staff as a way to inform Members of Congress of how mathematics impacts today's important issues.

Other Congressional Briefings:

Beginning in 2017, the AMS is partnering with MSRI to organize and host bi-annual briefings; prior to 2017, the AMS hosted annual briefings.