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Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

The Bulletin publishes expository articles on contemporary mathematical research, written in a way that gives insight to mathematicians who may not be experts in the particular topic. The Bulletin also publishes reviews of selected books in mathematics and short articles in the Mathematical Perspectives section, both by invitation only.

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Book Review

The AMS does not provide abstracts of book reviews. You may download the entire review from the links below.

Full text of review: PDF   This review is available free of charge.
Book Information:

Authors: John H. Conway and Derek A. Smith
Title: On quaternions and octonions: Their geometry, arithmetic, and symmetry
Additional book information: A K Peters, Ltd., Natick, MA, 2003, xii + 159 pp., ISBN 1-56881-134-9, $29.00$

References [Enhancements On Off] (What's this?)

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  • Review Information:

    Reviewer: John C. Baez
    Affiliation: University of California, Riverside
    Journal: Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 42 (2005), 229-243
    Published electronically: January 26, 2005
    Review copyright: © Copyright 2005 John C. Baez