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Conformal Geometry and Dynamics

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1997, the purpose of this electronic-only journal is to provide a forum for mathematical work in related fields broadly described as conformal geometry and dynamics. All articles are freely available to all readers and with no publishing fees for authors.

ISSN 1088-4173

The 2020 MCQ for Conformal Geometry and Dynamics is 0.49.

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Contents of Volume 22
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On the length spectrum Teichmüller spaces of Riemann surfaces of infinite type
Erina Kinjo
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 1-14
Published electronically: February 26, 2018
Conformal mapping, convexity and total absolute curvature
Maria Kourou
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 15-32
Published electronically: March 5, 2018
Discontinuity of a degenerating escape rate
Laura DeMarco and Yûsuke Okuyama
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 33-44
Published electronically: May 8, 2018
Almost sure invariance principle for non-autonomous holomorphic dynamics in $\mathbb {P}^k$
Turgay Bayraktar
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 45-61
Published electronically: May 31, 2018
A lower bound of the hyperbolic dimension for meromorphic functions having a logarithmic Hölder tract
Volker Mayer
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 62-77
Published electronically: June 27, 2018
Rotational properties of homeomorphisms with integrable distortion
Lauri Hitruhin
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 78-98
Published electronically: August 10, 2018
Geometric construction of quasiconformal mappings in the Heisenberg group
Robin Timsit
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 99-140
Published electronically: August 22, 2018
Generic $2$-parameter perturbations of parabolic singular points of vector fields in $\mathbb {C}$
Martin Klimeš and Christiane Rousseau
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 141-184
Published electronically: September 7, 2018
Dynamics in the Eremenko-Lyubich class
David J. Sixsmith
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 185-224
Published electronically: September 11, 2018
Bilipschitz equivalence of trees and hyperbolic fillings
Jeff Lindquist
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 225-234
Published electronically: September 24, 2018
Immersions and translation structures I: The space of structures on the pointed disk
W. Patrick Hooper
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 235-270
Published electronically: October 23, 2018
Cycle doubling, merging, and renormalization in the tangent family
Tao Chen, Yunping Jiang and Linda Keen
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 271-314
Published electronically: November 28, 2018
Minimizing length of billiard trajectories in hyperbolic polygons
John R. Parker, Norbert Peyerimhoff and Karl Friedrich Siburg
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 315-332
Published electronically: December 7, 2018
Monodromy, liftings of holomorphic maps, and extensions of holomorphic motions
Yunping Jiang and Sudeb Mitra
Conform. Geom. Dyn. 22 (2018), 333-344
Published electronically: December 12, 2018