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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

The 2020 MCQ for Mathematics of Computation is 1.78.

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Contents of Volume 22, Number 101
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On difference approximations with wrong boundary values
Heinz-Otto Kreiss and Einar Lundqvist PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 1-12
On numerical calculation of transonic flow patterns
S. Bergman, J. G. Herriot and T. G. Kurtz PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 13-27
Finite difference methods for nonlinear hyperbolic systems
A. R. Gourlay and J. Ll. Morris PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 28-39
Explicit $O(h^{2})$ bounds on the eigenvalues of the half-$L$
Blair K. Swartz PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 40-59
Estimating optimum overrelaxation parameters
L. A. Hageman and R. B. Kellogg PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 60-68
Interpolation and quadrature methods for ordinary differential equations
G. J. Cooper PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 69-76
A special case of the Filon quadrature formula
Lloyd D. Fosdick PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 77-81
Error estimates for Gauss quadrature formulas for analytic functions
M. M. Chawla and M. K. Jain PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 82-90
Asymptotic error estimates for the Gauss quadrature formula
M. M. Chawla and M. K. Jain PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 91-97
An error analysis for numerical multiple integration. I
Robert E. Barnhill PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 98-109
The use of the hypercircle inequality in deriving a class of numerical approximation rules for analytic functions
Richard A. Valentin PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 110-117
The Lawson algorithm and extensions
John R. Rice and Karl H. Usow PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 118-127
A rational approximation to the logarithm
R. P. Kelisky and T. J. Rivlin PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 128-136
On the evaluation of integrals related to the error function
C. Chiarella and A. Reichel PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 137-143
On the calculation of the inverse of the error function
Anthony Strecok PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 144-158
The incomplete beta function and its ratio to the complete beta function
David Osborn and Richard Madey PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 159-162
Zeros of sections of the zeta function. II
Robert Spira PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 163-173
On designs of maximal $(+1, -1)$-matrices of order $n\equiv 2(\textrm {mod}\ 4)$
C. H. Yang PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 174-180
Amicable numbers and the bilinear diophantine equation
Elvin J. Lee PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 181-187
Numerical evaluation of an isoperimetric constant
Z. A. Melzak PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 188-190
Proof that every integer $\leq 452,479,659$ is a sum of five numbers of the form $Q_{x}\equiv (x^{3}+5x)/6$, $x\geq 0$
Herbert E. Salzer and Norman Levine PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 191-192
A map-folding problem
W. F. Lunnon PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 193-199
The maxima of $P_{r}(n_{1}, n_{2})$
M. S. Cheema and H. Gupta PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 199-200
A new approximation related to the error function
W. R. Schucany and H. L. Gray PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 201-202
Improvement in recurrence techniques for the computation of Bessel functions of integral order
Fr. Mechel PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 202-205
The Zeros of $P_\nu ^1(\cos \theta )$ and $\frac {\partial }{\partial \theta } P^1_\mu (\cos \theta )$
Peter H. Wilcox PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 205-208
Substitution formulas for Laplace transformations
R. G. Buschman PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 209-211
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 212-243
Table Errata
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 244-246
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 246-247
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 248
Carson Flammer PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 249