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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 22, Number 103
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Finite difference methods for the computation of the “Poisson kernel” of elliptic operators
Pierre Jamet PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 477-488
Monotone and oscillation matrices applied to finite difference approximations
Harvey S. Price PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 489-516
Evaluation of a kernel associated with laminar flow tubular catalytic reactors
Chul-Hee Kim and R. E. Gilbert PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 517-423
On difference schemes for hyperbolic equations with discontinuous initial values
Mats Y. T. Apelkrans PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 525-539
On the resolvent of a linear operator associated with a well-posed Cauchy problem
John Miller PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 541-548
Finite-difference methods for nonlinear hyperbolic systems. II
A. R. Gourlay and J. Ll. Morris PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 549-556
Numerical stability of a one-evaluation predictor-corrector algorithm for numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
R. W. Klopfenstein and R. S. Millman PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 557-564
Sylvester’s identity and multistep integer-preserving Gaussian elimination
Erwin H. Bareiss PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 565-578
Experiments on error growth associated with some linear least-squares procedures
T. L. Jordan PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 579-588
Bivariate interpolation of potential functions
F. D. Burgoyne PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 589-594
The generalized $G$-transform
H. L. Gray and T. A. Atchison PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 595-605
Eberlein measure and mechanical quadrature formulae. I. Basic theory.
V. L. N. Sarma PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 607-616
Concerning two series for the gamma function
John W. Wrench PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 617-626
Approximations for elliptic integrals
Yudell L. Luke PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 627-634
A method for the computation of the Fresnel integrals and related functions
Oscar L. Fleckner PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 635-640
Rational Chebyshev approximations for the exponential integral $E_{1} (x)$
W. J. Cody and Henry C. Thacher PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 641-649
Error estimates for the Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature
M. M. Chawla PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 651-656
Error bounds for Gauss-Chebyshev quadrature
Franz Stetter PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 657-659
On a generalization of the midpoint rule
Franz Stetter PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 661-663
On a numerical instability of Davidon-like methods
Yonathan Bard PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 665-666
Powers of a matrix of special type
Gilbert C. Best PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 667-668
A computer study of the orders of finite simple groups
Edward L. Spitznagel and Stephen A. Szygenda PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 669-671
Polynomial system satisfying a special functional equation
A. M. Chak PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 673-676
More amicable numbers
Paul Bratley and John McKay PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 677-678
Solutions of the diophantine equation $x^{2}-Dy^{4}=k$
Mohan Lal and James Dawe PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 679-682
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 683-694
Table errata
Ira C. Hanson PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 695
Table Errata
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 695-697
Table errata
Lee C. Bradley, H. R. Aggarwal, C. M. Ablow, Van E. Wood and M. L. Glasser PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 695-696
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 699
Corrigenda to: “Generalized Euler and class numbers “
Daniel Shanks PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 699
Corrigenda to: “The calculation of certain Dirichlet series”
Mohan Lal, Daniel Shanks and John W. Wrench PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 699
Corrigenda: “Procedure for conformal mapping of triply-connected domains”
Stefan Bergman PDF
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 699
Math. Comp. 22 (1968), 701