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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

The 2020 MCQ for Mathematics of Computation is 1.78.

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Contents of Volume 28, Number 126
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On Fourier-Toeplitz methods for separable elliptic problems
D. Fischer, G. Golub, O. Hald, C. Leiva and O. Widlund PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 349-368
High-order finite-difference methods for Poisson’s equation
H. J. van Linde PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 369-391
Finite element methods for parabolic equations
Miloš Zlámal PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 393-404
Semidiscrete least-squares methods for second order parabolic problems with nonhomogenous data
J. Thomas King PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 405-411
Stable approximations for hyperbolic systems with moving internal boundary conditions
M. Goldberg and S. Abarbanel PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 413-447
The application of implicit Runge-Kutta and collection methods to boundary-value problems
Richard Weiss PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 449-464
Approximation by aliasing with application to “Certaine” stiff differential equations
Arthur David Snider and Gary Charles Fleming PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 465-473
Recursive collocation for the numerical solution of stiff ordinary differential equations
H. Brunner PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 475-481
On semicardinal quadrature formulae
I. J. Schoenberg and S. D. Silliman PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 483-497
Quadrature formulas for semi-infinite integrals
Ravindra Kumar and M. K. Jain PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 499-503
Methods for modifying matrix factorizations
P. E. Gill, G. H. Golub, W. Murray and M. A. Saunders PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 505-535
Modifying pivot elements in Gaussian elimination
G. W. Stewart PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 537-542
The evaluation of determinants by expansion by minors and the general problem of substitution
W. M. Gentleman and S. C. Johnson PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 543-548
A characterization of superlinear convergence and its application to quasi-Newton methods
J. E. Dennis and Jorge J. Moré PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 549-560
Evaluation of a constant associated with a parking problem
M. Lal and P. Gillard PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 561-564
Splines with nonnegative $B$-spline coefficients
C. de Boor and James W. Daniel PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 565-568
On the conditional equivalence of two starting methods for the second algorithm of Remez
R. E. Huddleston PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 569-572
A note on Chambers’ method
J. A. Blackburn and Y. Beaudoin PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 573-574
Numerical computation of a generalized exponential integral function
W. F. Breig and A. L. Crosbie PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 575-579
Rational Chebyshev approximations for the modified Bessel functions $I_{0}(x)$ and $I_{1}(x)$
J. M. Blair PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 581-583
A stable algorithm for computing the inverse error function in the “tail-end” region
Henry E. Fettis PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 585-587
The minimum root separation of a polynomial
George E. Collins and Ellis Horowitz PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 589-597
Error analysis of a computation of Euler’s constant
W. A. Beyer and M. S. Waterman PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 599-604
Confluent expansions for functions of two variables
V. L. Deshpande PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 605-611
Some definite integrals of the product of two Bessel functions of the second kind: (order zero)
M. L. Glasser PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 613-615
On weird and pseudoperfect numbers
S. J. Benkoski and P. Erdős PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 617-623
A new factorization technique using quadratic forms
D. H. Lehmer and Emma Lehmer PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 625-635
Factoring large integers
R. Sherman Lehman PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 637-646
A new function associated with the prime factors of $(^{n}_{k})$
E. F. Ecklund, P. Erdös and J. L. Selfridge PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 647-649
Sums of distinct primes from congruence classes modulo $12$
Robert E. Dressler, Andrzej Mąkowski and Thomas Parker PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 651-652
Irregular prime divisors of the Bernoulli numbers
Wells Johnson PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 653-657
The character table of an eight-dimensional orthogonal group
David C. Hunt PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 659-660
The character table of Fischer’s simple group, $M(23)$
David C. Hunt PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 660-661
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 663-675
Table Errata
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 677
Table errata: “A cotangent analogue of continued fractions” (Duke Math. J. 4 (1938), 323–340) by D. H. Lehmer
Robert Spira and Alexander Scheeline PDF
Math. Comp. 28 (1974), 677