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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 37, Number 155
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The Lagrange multiplier method for Dirichlet’s problem
James H. Bramble PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 1-11
The finite element method with Lagrange multipliers for domains with corners
Juhani Pitkäranta PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 13-30
On a dimensional reduction method. I. The optimal selection of basis functions
M. Vogelius and I. Babuška PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 31-46
On a dimensional reduction method. II. Some approximation-theoretic results
M. Vogelius and I. Babuška PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 47-68
Hydrocode subcycling stability
D. L. Hicks PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 69-78
An analysis of a uniformly accurate difference method for a singular perturbation problem
Alan E. Berger, Jay M. Solomon and Melvyn Ciment PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 79-94
A block-by-block method for Volterra integro-differential equations with weakly-singular kernel
Athena Makroglou PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 95-99
Note on irreducible diagonally dominant matrices and the convergence of the AOR iterative method
M. Madalena Martins PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 101-103
Krylov subspace methods for solving large unsymmetric linear systems
Y. Saad PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 105-126
Improving convergence rate in the method of successive approximations
James A. Pennline PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 127-134
Rate of convergence of discretization in Chebyshev approximation
C. B. Dunham and Jack Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 135-139
Surfaces generated by moving least squares methods
P. Lancaster and K. Salkauskas PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 141-158
Optimal numerical differentiation using three function evaluations
J. Marshall Ash and Roger L. Jones PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 159-167
Computation of integrals with oscillatory and singular integrands
Bing Yuan Ting and Yudell L. Luke PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 169-183
On algorithmic equivalence in linear fractional programming
B. Mond PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 185-187
The rate of convergence of Chebyshev polynomials for functions which have asymptotic power series about one endpoint
John P. Boyd PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 189-195
Automatic selection of sequence transformations
J.-P. Delahaye PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 197-204
On the measure of totally real algebraic integers. II
C. J. Smyth PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 205-208
A class of Steiner triple systems of order $21$ and associated Kirkman systems
Rudolf A. Mathon, Kevin T. Phelps and Alexander Rosa PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 209-222
Lowest order squared rectangles and squares with the largest element not on the boundary
A. J. W. Duijvestijn and P. Leeuw PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 223-228
The problem of Sierpiński concerning $k\cdot 2^{n}+1$
Robert Baillie, G. Cormack and H. C. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 229-231
Addendum and corrigendum to: “High-precision values of the gamma function and of some related coefficients” [Math. Comp. 34 (1980), no. 150, 553–566; MR 81f:65004] by Fransén and S. Wrigge
Arne Fransén PDF
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 233-235
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 37 (1981), 237-242