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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 38, Number 158
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Upwind difference schemes for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
Stanley Osher and Fred Solomon PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 339-374
Analysis of some mixed finite element methods related to reduced integration
Claes Johnson and Juhani Pitkäranta PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 375-400
Optimal error properties of finite element methods for second order elliptic Dirichlet problems
Arthur G. Werschulz PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 401-413
Absorbing boundary conditions for the discretization schemes of the one-dimensional wave equation
Laurence Halpern PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 415-429
$A$-stability of a class of methods for the numerical integration of certain linear systems of ordinary differential equations
M. R. Crisci and E. Russo PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 431-435
Some optimal error estimates for piecewise linear finite element approximations
Rolf Rannacher and Ridgway Scott PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 437-445
Polynomial formulation of second derivative multistep methods
S. Kovvali and G. K. Gupta PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 447-458
Direct secant updates of matrix factorizations
J. E. Dennis and Earl S. Marwil PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 459-474
A note on the stable decompostion of skew-symmetric matrices
James R. Bunch PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 475-479
Numerical comparisons of nonlinear convergence accelerators
David A. Smith and William F. Ford PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 481-499
A noniterative method for the generation of orthogonal coordinates in doubly-connected regions
Z. U. A. Warsi and J. F. Thompson PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 501-516
The numerical evaluation of very oscillatory infinite integrals by extrapolation
Avram Sidi PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 517-529
Procedures for computing one- and two-dimensional integrals of functions with rapid irregular oscillations
David Levin PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 531-538
An error estimate for Stenger’s quadrature formula
S. Beighton and B. Noble PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 539-545
Recurrence relations for the indefinite integrals of the associated Legendre functions
A. R. DiDonato PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 547-551
Polynomial type Padé approximants
Géza Németh and Magda Zimányi PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 553-565
A general method of approximation. I
Staffan Wrigge and Arne Fransén PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 567-588
An upper bound for the first zero of Bessel functions
Ll. G. Chambers PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 589-591
Evaluation of generalized Howland integrals
Chih Bing Ling PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 593-599
Simplified forecasting by polynomial regression with equally spaced values of the independent variable
Jack Laderman and Julian D. Laderman PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 601-610
An algorithm for solving a certain class of Diophantine equations. I
David Lee Hilliker PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 611-626
The computation of a certain metric invariant of an algebraic number field
Horst Brunotte PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 627-632
Density problems involving $p_{r}(n)$
Patrick J. Costello PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 633-637
Primes of the form $n!\pm 1$ and $2\cdot 3\cdot 5\cdots p\pm 1$
J. P. Buhler, R. E. Crandall and M. A. Penk PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 639-643
Six new factors of Fermat numbers
Gary B. Gostin and Philip B. McLaughlin PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 645-649
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 651-655
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 657
Corrigenda: “Optimum accelerated overrelaxation method in a special case” [Math. Comp. 36 (1981), 183–187; MR 82c:65016] by G. Avdelas and the author
A. Hadjidimos PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 657
Corrigenda: “Erratum: Table of integrals, series, and products [Academic Press, New York, 1965; MR 33 #5952] by I. S. Gradshteĭn and I. M. Ryzhik” [Math. Comp. 27 (1973), 451–452; MR 54 #4049] by A. Ojo and J. Sadiku
Henry E. Fettis PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 657
Corrigenda: “Rational Chebyshev approximations for the Bickley functions $Ki_{n}(x)$” [Math. Comp. 32 (1978), no. 143, 876–886; MR 57 #10999] by the author, C. A. Edwards and J. H. Johnson
J. M. Blair PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 657
Author Index
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 659-661