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Approximation of the spectrum of an operator given by the magnetohydrodynamic stability of a plasma
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by Yves Jaccard and Hugo Evéquoz PDF
Math. Comp. 39 (1982), 443-452 Request permission


The study of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) stability of a plasma in a toroidal configuration leads to a problem of computing the spectrum of a noncompact selfadjoint operator T. The spectrum of T will be approximated by the eigenvalues of ${T_h}$, a Galerkin approximation of T. We present a two-dimensional model problem with two components containing most difficulties arising in the physical problem. We give subspaces and prove sufficient conditions for obtaining convergence using partial regularity of T.
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  • H. Evéquoz, Approximation Spectrale d’un Opérateur Lié à l’Étude de la Stabilité Magnétohydrodynamique d’un Plasma par une Méthode d’ Éléments Finis Non Conforme, Thesis No 375, EPF-Lausanne, 1980.
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  • Journal: Math. Comp. 39 (1982), 443-452
  • MSC: Primary 65N30; Secondary 76-08, 76E25
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  • MathSciNet review: 669638