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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 43, Number 168
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In memoriam: Yudell L. Luke, June 26, 1918–May 6, 1983
Walter Gautschi and Jet Wimp PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 349-352
The large-time behavior of the scalar, genuinely nonlinear Lax-Friedrichs scheme
Eitan Tadmor PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 353-368
Numerical viscosity and the entropy condition for conservative difference schemes
Eitan Tadmor PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 369-381
Semidiscrete and single step fully discrete approximations for second order hyperbolic equations with time-dependent coefficients
Laurence A. Bales PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 383-414
Finite element formulation of the general magnetostatic problem in the space of solenoidal vector functions
Mark J. Friedman PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 415-431
A new scalar potential formulation of the magnetostatic field problem
Joseph E. Pasciak PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 433-445
Spectral properties for the magnetization integral operator
Mark J. Friedman and Joseph E. Pasciak PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 447-453
Approximation properties of quadrature methods for Volterra integral equations of the first kind
P. P. B. Eggermont PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 455-471
Differential-algebraic systems as differential equations on manifolds
Werner C. Rheinboldt PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 473-482
On the asymptotic behavior of scaled singular value and $QR$ decompositions
G. W. Stewart PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 483-489
Decay rates for inverses of band matrices
Stephen Demko, William F. Moss and Philip W. Smith PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 491-499
Accurate computation of divided differences of the exponential function
A. McCurdy, K. C. Ng and B. N. Parlett PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 501-528
Best approximation of positive power series
B. L. R. Shawyer PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 529-534
Composite Hermite-Birkhoff quadrature formulas of Gaussian type
Nira Dyn PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 535-541
Gauss quadratures and Jacobi matrices for weight functions not of one sign
J. Kautsky and S. Elhay PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 543-550
Approximations for the Bessel and Struve functions
J. N. Newman PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 551-556
More trigonometric integrals
Henry E. Fettis PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 557-564
Generation of permutations following Lehmer and Howell
Enrico Spoletini PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 565-572
The lattices of six-dimensional Euclidean space
W. Plesken and W. Hanrath PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 573-587
An algorithm for the second immanant
Robert Grone and Russell Merris PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 589-591
Pisot numbers in the neighborhood of a limit point. II
David W. Boyd PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 593-602
Products and sums of powers of binomial coefficients mod $p$ and solutions of certain quaternary Diophantine systems
Richard H. Hudson PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 603-613
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 615-620
Corrigenda: “The discriminant of a quadratic extension of an algebraic field” [Math. Comp. 40 (1983), no. 162, 685–707; MR0689482 (84e:12006)]
Theresa P. Vaughan PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 621
Corrigenda: “On quartic fields of signature one with small discriminant. II”
H. J. Godwin PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 621
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 621
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), 623-632
Supplement to: “Semidiscrete and single step fully discrete approximations for second order hyperbolic equations with time-dependent coefficients”
Laurence A. Bales PDF
Math. Comp. 43 (1984), S1-S12