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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 44, Number 169
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Entropy condition satisfying approximations for the full potential equation of transonic flow
Stanley Osher, Mohamed Hafez and Woodrow Whitlow PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 1-29
Second-order conservative schemes and the entropy condition
Maria E. Schonbek PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 31-38
Global estimates for mixed methods for second order elliptic equations
Jim Douglas and Jean E. Roberts PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 39-52
Least squares methods for elliptic systems
A. K. Aziz, R. B. Kellogg and A. B. Stephens PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 53-70
Analysis of some finite elements for the Stokes problem
Christine Bernardi and Geneviève Raugel PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 71-79
Difference methods for problems with different time scales
Robert E. Scheid PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 81-92
The application of Runge-Kutta schemes to singular initial value problems
Frank de Hoog and Richard Weiss PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 93-103
A look-ahead Lánczos algorithm for unsymmetric matrices
Beresford N. Parlett, Derek R. Taylor and Zhishun A. Liu PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 105-124
Finding all solutions to a system of polynomial equations
Alden H. Wright PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 125-133
A globally convergent method for simultaneously finding polynomial roots
L. Pasquini and D. Trigiante PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 135-149
A rapid robust rootfinder
Richard I. Shrager PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 151-165
Partial fraction evaluation and incomplete decomposition of a rational function whose denominator contains a repeated polynomial factor
J. F. Mahoney PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 167-175
Gaussian quadrature involving Einstein and Fermi functions with an application to summation of series
Walter Gautschi and Gradimir V. Milovanović PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 177-190
On the uniform convergence of Gaussian quadrature rules for Cauchy principal value integrals and their derivatives
N. I. Ioakimidis PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 191-198
Application of quadrature rules for Cauchy-type integrals to the generalized Poincaré-Bertrand formula
N. I. Ioakimidis PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 199-206
A simplified version of the fast algorithms of Brent and Salamin
D. J. Newman PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 207-210
Estimates for the Chebyshev function $\psi (x)-\theta (x)$
N. Costa Pereira PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 211-221
Formulas for higher derivatives of the Riemann zeta function
Tom M. Apostol PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 223-232
Computing self-intersections of closed geodesics on finite-sheeted covers of the modular surface
J. Lehner and M. Sheingorn PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 233-240
Computing an arithmetic constant related to the ring of Gaussian integers
F. Gramain and M. Weber PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 241-250
Implementing the continued fraction factoring algorithm on parallel machines
Marvin C. Wunderlich PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 251-260
Odd triperfect numbers are divisible by eleven distinct prime factors
Masao Kishore PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 261-263
A note on the Diophantine equation $x^ 3+y^ 3+z^ 3=3$
J. W. S. Cassels PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 265-266
On the Diophantine equation $1+2^ a=3^ b5^ c+2^ d3^ e5^ f$
Leo J. Alex PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 267-278
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 279-280
Table errata: Tables of sines and cosines to ten decimal places at thousandths of a degree [Pergamon Press, New York, 1962; MR0142792 (26 #361)]
Herbert E. Salzer and Norman Levine PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 281
Corrigendum: “On the existence and computation of $LU$-factorizations with small pivots” [Math. Comp. 42 (1984), no. 166, 535–547; MR0736451 (85i:65037)]
Tony F. Chan PDF
Math. Comp. 44 (1985), 282