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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 48, Number 177
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Characterizing pseudoprimes for third-order linear recurrences
William W. Adams PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 1-15
Solving bivariate quadratic congruences in random polynomial time
Leonard M. Adleman, Dennis R. Estes and Kevin S. McCurley PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 17-28
Parity results for certain partition functions and identities similar to theta function identities
Richard Blecksmith, John Brillhart and Irving Gerst PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 29-38
The computation of the fundamental unit of totally complex quartic orders
Johannes Buchmann PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 39-54
On principal ideal testing in totally complex quartic fields and the determination of certain cyclotomic constants
Johannes Buchmann and H. C. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 55-66
The cyclotomic numbers of order fifteen
Nicholas Buck, Lones Smith, Blair K. Spearman and Kenneth S. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 67-83
Class groups of quadratic fields. II
Duncan A. Buell PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 85-93
Computing in the Jacobian of a hyperelliptic curve
David G. Cantor PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 95-101
Implementation of a new primality test
H. Cohen and A. K. Lenstra PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 103-121
Class groups of number fields: numerical heuristics
H. Cohen and J. Martinet PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 123-137
Application of symbolic manipulation to Hecke transformations of modular forms in two variables
Harvey Cohn and Jesse Deutsch PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 139-146
A table of fundamental pairs of units in totally real cubic fields
T. W. Cusick and Lowell Schoenfeld PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 147-158
Hecke operators and the fundamental domain for $\textrm {SL}(3,\textbf {Z})$
Daniel Gordon, Douglas Grenier and Audrey Terras PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 159-178
Special units in real cyclic sextic fields
Marie-Nicole Gras PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 179-182
Primes at a glance
R. K. Guy, C. B. Lacampagne and J. L. Selfridge PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 183-202
Elliptic curve cryptosystems
Neal Koblitz PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 203-209
Cyclotomic resultants
D. H. Lehmer and Emma Lehmer PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 211-216
Primitive normal bases for finite fields
H. W. Lenstra and R. J. Schoof PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 217-231
Class numbers of quadratic fields determined by solvability of Diophantine equations
R. A. Mollin PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 233-242
Speeding the Pollard and elliptic curve methods of factorization
Peter L. Montgomery PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 243-264
Numerical values of Goldberg’s coefficients in the series for $\textrm {log}(e^ xe^ y)$
Morris Newman and Robert C. Thompson PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 265-271
On the distribution of spacings between zeros of the zeta function
A. M. Odlyzko PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 273-308
On computing isomorphisms of equation orders
M. Pohst PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 309-314
Very short primality proofs
Carl Pomerance PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 315-322
On the sign of the difference $\pi (x)-\textrm {li}(x)$
Herman J. J. te Riele PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 323-328
The multiple polynomial quadratic sieve
Robert D. Silverman PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 329-339
New congruences for the Bernoulli numbers
Jonathan W. Tanner and Samuel S. Wagstaff PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 341-350
Computation of the Néron-Tate height on elliptic curves
Heinz M. Tschöpe and Horst G. Zimmer PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 351-370
Class numbers of the simplest cubic fields
Lawrence C. Washington PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 371-384
Effective primality tests for some integers of the forms $A5^ n-1$ and $A7^ n-1$
H. C. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 385-403
On the parallel generation of the residues for the continued fraction factoring algorithm
H. C. Williams and M. C. Wunderlich PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 405-423
Large integral points on elliptic curves
Don Zagier PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 425-436
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 437-446
Corrigendum: “Estimates for the Chebyshev function $\psi (x)-\theta (x)$” [Math. Comp. 44 (1985), no. 169, 211–221; MR0771046 (86k:11005)]
N. Costa Pereira PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 447