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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 48, Number 178
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Asymptotic boundary conditions and numerical methods for nonlinear elliptic problems on unbounded domains
T. M. Hagstrom and H. B. Keller PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 449-470
Defect corrections for multigrid solutions of the Dirichlet problem in general domains
Winfried Auzinger PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 471-484
Local error estimates for some Petrov-Galerkin methods applied to strongly elliptic equations on curves
Jukka Saranen PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 485-502
Convenient stability criteria for difference approximations of hyperbolic initial-boundary value problems. II
Moshe Goldberg and Eitan Tadmor PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 503-520
The stability in $L_ p$ and $W^ 1_ p$ of the $L_ 2$-projection onto finite element function spaces
M. Crouzeix and V. Thomée PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 521-532
On the computation of solutions of boundary value problems on infinite intervals
R. M. M. Mattheij PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 533-549
Uniform high-order difference schemes for a singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problem
Eugene C. Gartland PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 551-564
Finite-dimensional approximation of constrained Tikhonov-regularized solutions of ill-posed linear operator equations
A. Neubauer PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 565-583
A new collocation-type method for Hammerstein integral equations
Sunil Kumar and Ian H. Sloan PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 585-593
The discrete Galerkin method for integral equations
Kendall Atkinson and Alex Bogomolny PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 595-616
Equivalence of Nyström’s method and Fourier methods for the numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations
Jean-Paul Berrut and Manfred R. Trummer PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 617-623
An algorithm for the construction of optimal methods for the numerical solution of Volterra integral equations of the first kind
C. J. Gladwin PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 625-632
Linear multistep methods for functional-differential equations
Maarten de Gee PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 633-649
On the Lánczos method for solving symmetric linear systems with several right-hand sides
Youcef Saad PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 651-662
How to implement the spectral transformation
Bahram Nour-Omid, Beresford N. Parlett, Thomas Ericsson and Paul S. Jensen PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 663-673
$L_ \infty$-boundedness of $L_ 2$-projections on splines for a multiple geometric mesh
Rong Qing Jia PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 675-690
An algorithm for computing continuous Chebyshev approximations
Zhong Qi Jing and Adly T. Fam PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 691-710
Cardinal interpolation by multivariate splines
C. K. Chui, K. Jetter and J. D. Ward PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 711-724
On the convergence of an interpolatory product rule for evaluating Cauchy principal value integrals
Giuliana Criscuolo and Giuseppe Mastroianni PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 725-735
Counting binary matrices with given row and column sums
Ben Johnsen and Eldar Straume PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 737-750
On a problem of A. Rotkiewicz
Péter Kiss and Bui Minh Phong PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 751-755
A probabilistic factorization algorithm with quadratic forms of negative discriminant
Martin Seysen PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 757-780
On invariant polynomials and their application in field theory
Kurt Girstmair PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 781-797
Computation of character decompositions of class functions on compact semisimple Lie groups
R. V. Moody and J. Patera PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 799-827
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 829-849
Table errata: “The symmetrical Euler-Maclaurin summation formula” [Math. Sci. 6 (1981), no. 1, 35–41; MR0596385 (82g:40002)]
J. R. Philip PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 851
Corrigendum: “Recurrence relations for hypergeometric functions of unit argument” [Math. Comp. 45 (1985), no. 172, 521–535; MR0804941 (86m:33004)]
Stanisław Lewanowicz PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 853
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 853-854
Corrigendum: “Least squares approximation with constraints”
G. V. Milovanović PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 854
Corrigendum: “Computing an arithmetic constant related to the ring of Gaussian integers” [Math. Comp. 44 (1985), no. 169, 241–250; MR0771043 (87a:11028)] by Gramain and M. Weber
François Gramain PDF
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 854
Author Index
Math. Comp. 48 (1987), 855-858