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The probability that a numerical analysis problem is difficult
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by James W. Demmel PDF
Math. Comp. 50 (1988), 449-480 Request permission


Numerous problems in numerical analysis, including matrix inversion, eigenvalue calculations and polynomial zerofinding, share the following property: The difficulty of solving a given problem is large when the distance from that problem to the nearest "ill-posed" one is small. For example, the closer a matrix is to the set of non-invertible matrices, the larger its condition number with respect to inversion. We show that the sets of ill-posed problems for matrix inversion, eigenproblems, and polynomial zerofinding all have a common algebraic and geometric structure which lets us compute the probability distribution of the distance from a "random" problem to the set. From this probability distribution we derive, for example, the distribution of the condition number of a random matrix. We examine the relevance of this theory to the analysis and construction of numerical algorithms destined to be run in finite precision arithmetic.
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