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Mathematics of Computation

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A method of tabulating the number-theoretic function $g(k)$
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by Renate Scheidler and Hugh C. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 59 (1992), 251-257 Request permission


Let $g(k)$ be the least integer $> k + 1$ such that all prime factors of $\left ( {\begin {array}{*{20}{c}} {g(k)} \\ k \\ \end {array} } \right )$ are greater than k. The function $g(k)$ appears to show quite irregular behavior and is hard to compute. This paper describes a method of computing $g(k)$, using sieving techniques, and provides a table of values of $g(k)$ for $k \leq 140$.
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  • Journal: Math. Comp. 59 (1992), 251-257
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