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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 63, Number 207
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A robust finite element method for nonhomogeneous Dirichlet problems in domains with curved boundaries
James H. Bramble and J. Thomas King PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 1-17
Error estimate in an isoparametric finite element eigenvalue problem
M.-P. Lebaud PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 19-40
An error estimate of the least squares finite element method for the Stokes problem in three dimensions
Ching Lung Chang PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 41-50
Error estimates for a finite element method for the drift-diffusion semiconductor device equations: the zero diffusion case
Bernardo Cockburn and Ioana Triandaf PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 51-76
An error estimate for finite volume methods for multidimensional conservation laws
Bernardo Cockburn, Frédéric Coquel and Philippe LeFloch PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 77-103
Uniform error estimates for certain narrow Lagrange finite elements
N. Al Shenk PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 105-119
Resolvent estimates for elliptic finite element operators in one dimension
M. Crouzeix, S. Larsson and V. Thomée PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 121-140
On the shape of tetrahedra from bisection
Anwei Liu and Barry Joe PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 141-154
Wavelet calculus and finite difference operators
Kent McCormick and Raymond O. Wells PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 155-173
Improved rounding for spline coefficients and knots
Eric Grosse and John D. Hobby PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 175-194
Approximation of analytic functions: a method of enhanced convergence
Oscar P. Bruno and Fernando Reitich PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 195-213
A quadrature formula for entire functions of exponential type
Qazi Ibadur Rahman and Gerhard Schmeisser PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 215-227
Acceleration of convergence of a family of logarithmically convergent sequences
Andrew H. Van Tuyl PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 229-246
Approximate zeros of quadratically convergent algorithms
Pengyuan Chen PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 247-270
Numerical evaluation of some trigonometric series
W. McLean PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 271-275
On the numerical integration of Walsh series by number-theoretic methods
Gerhard Larcher and Claudia Traunfellner PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 277-291
On generalized inversive congruential pseudorandom numbers
Jürgen Eichenauer-Herrmann PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 293-299
Table of primitive binary polynomials. II
Miodrag Živković PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 301-306
A generalized sampling theorem for locally compact abelian groups
Adel Faridani PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 307-327
Heuristics on class groups: some good primes are not too good
Henri Cohen and Jacques Martinet PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 329-334
Irreducible finite integral matrix groups of degree $8$ and $10$
Bernd Souvignier PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 335-350
Computing irreducible representations of supersolvable groups
Ulrich Baum and Michael Clausen PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 351-359
A table of quintic number fields
A. Schwarz, M. Pohst and F. Diaz y Diaz PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 361-376
Recognizing units in number fields
Guoqiang Ge PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 377-387
On the periods of generalized Fibonacci recurrences
Richard P. Brent PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 389-401
Finding finite $B_ 2$-sequences with larger $m-a^ {1/2}_ m$
Zhen Xiang Zhang PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 403-414
Carmichael’s conjecture on the Euler function is valid below $10^ {10,000,000}$
Aaron Schlafly and Stan Wagon PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 415-419
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 421-432
Errata: “On the computation of a table of complex cubic fields with discriminant $D>-10^ 6$” [Math. Comp. 55 (1990), no. 191, 313–325; MR1023760 (90m:11155)]
G. W. Fung and H. C. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 433
Table Errata
Math. Comp. 63 (1994), 433