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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 73, Number 245
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Nonconforming elements in least-squares mixed finite element methods
Huo-Yuan Duan and Guo-Ping Liang PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 1-18
Numerical solution of the elastic body-plate problem by nonoverlapping domain decomposition type techniques
Jianguo Huang PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 19-34
Substructuring preconditioners for saddle-point problems arising from Maxwell’s equations in three dimensions
Qiya Hu and Jun Zou PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 35-61
Explicit diffusive kinetic schemes for nonlinear degenerate parabolic systems
D. Aregba-Driollet, R. Natalini and S. Tang PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 63-94
Mixed Laguerre-Legendre pseudospectral method for incompressible fluid flow in an infinite strip
Ben-yu Guo and Cheng-long Xu PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 95-125
Discrete absorbing boundary conditions for Schrödinger-type equations. Practical implementation
Isaías Alonso-Mallo and Nuria Reguera PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 127-142
Discrete Fredholm properties and convergence estimates for the electric field integral equation
Snorre H. Christiansen PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 143-167
Perturbation analysis for circles, spheres, and generalized hyperspheres fitted to data by geometric total least-squares
Yves Nievergelt PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 169-180
Lagrange interpolation on subgrids of tensor product grids
Thomas Sauer PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 181-190
Asymptotics of recurrence coefficients for orthonormal polynomials on the line—Magnus’s method revisited
S. B. Damelin PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 191-209
Laguerre approximation of stable manifolds with application to connecting orbits
Gerald Moore PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 211-242
A note on a paper by G. Mastroianni and G. Monegato
G. Criscuolo PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 243-250
Evaluation formulas for Tornheim’s type of alternating double series
Hirofumi Tsumura PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 251-258
Optimal quadrature for Haar wavelet spaces
Stefan Heinrich, Fred J. Hickernell and Rong-Xian Yue PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 259-277
Four-dimensional lattice rules generated by skew-circulant matrices
J. N. Lyness and T. Sørevik PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 279-295
The Brumer-Stark conjecture in some families of extensions of specified degree
Cornelius Greither, Xavier-François Roblot and Brett A. Tangedal PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 297-315
Factoring polynomials over finite fields with Drinfeld modules
G. J. van der Heiden PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 317-322
High rank elliptic curves with torsion group $\mathbb {Z}/(2\mathbb {Z})$
Julián Aguirre, Fernando Castañeda and Juan Carlos Peral PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 323-331
Linear algebra algorithms for divisors on an algebraic curve
Kamal Khuri-Makdisi PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 333-357
An efficient algorithm for the computation of Galois automorphisms
Bill Allombert PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 359-375
Class numbers of some abelian extensions of rational function fields
Sunghan Bae, Hwanyup Jung and Jaehyun Ahn PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 377-386
The arithmetic of certain cubic function fields
Mark L. Bauer PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 387-413
Real zeros of real odd Dirichlet $L$-functions
Mark Watkins PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 415-423
Chebyshev’s bias for composite numbers with restricted prime divisors
Pieter Moree PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 425-449
The hexagonal versus the square lattice
Pieter Moree and Herman J.J. te Riele PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 451-473
All numbers whose positive divisors have integral harmonic mean up to $\mathbf {300}$
T. Goto and S. Shibata PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 475-491
Greedy sums of distinct squares
Hugh L. Montgomery and Ulrike M. A. Vorhauer PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 493-513

Book Reviews
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A mathematical view of interior-point methods in convex optimization, by James Renegar.
Reviewer: Robert M. Freund
Review information PDF
Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 515-516