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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 74, Number 251
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Convergence of a step-doubling Galerkin method for parabolic problems
Bruce P. Ayati and Todd F. Dupont PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1053-1065
A locally conservative LDG method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Bernardo Cockburn, Guido Kanschat and Dominik Schötzau HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1067-1095
Pointwise error estimates of the local discontinuous Galerkin method for a second order elliptic problem
Hongsen Chen PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1097-1116
A posteriori analysis of the finite element discretization of some parabolic equations
A. Bergam, C. Bernardi and Z. Mghazli PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1117-1138
BEM with linear complexity for the classical boundary integral operators
Steffen Börm and Stefan A. Sauter PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1139-1177
Efficient inversion of the Galerkin matrix of general second-order elliptic operators with nonsmooth coefficients
Mario Bebendorf PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1179-1199
Optimal error estimate of the penalty finite element method for the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations
Yinnian He PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1201-1216
A convergent difference scheme for the infinity Laplacian: construction of absolutely minimizing Lipschitz extensions
Adam M. Oberman PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1217-1230
A domain decomposition method using efficient interface-acting preconditioners
Serge Kräutle PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1231-1256
Approximations of a Ginzburg-Landau model for superconducting hollow spheres based on spherical centroidal Voronoi tessellations
Qiang Du and Lili Ju PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1257-1280
A finite dimensional realization of the mollifier method for compact operator equations
M. T. Nair and Shine Lal PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1281-1290
A partial differential equation connected to option pricing with stochastic volatility: Regularity results and discretization
Yves Achdou, Bruno Franchi and Nicoletta Tchou PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1291-1322
Balanced multi-wavelets in $\mathbb R^s$
Charles K. Chui and Qingtang Jiang PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1323-1344
Noninterpolatory Hermite subdivision schemes
Bin Han, Thomas P.-Y. Yu and Yonggang Xue PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1345-1367
Refinable bivariate quartic $C^2$-splines for multi-level data representation and surface display
Charles K. Chui and Qingtang Jiang PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1369-1390
Instability analysis of saddle points by a local minimax method
Jianxin Zhou PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1391-1411
Global convergence of SSM for minimizing a quadratic over a sphere
William W. Hager and Soonchul Park PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1413-1423
Integrals of polylogarithmic functions, recurrence relations, and associated Euler sums
Pedro Freitas PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1425-1440
The convergence of harmonic Ritz values, harmonic Ritz vectors and refined harmonic Ritz vectors
Zhongxiao Jia PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1441-1456
Real zeros of Dedekind zeta functions of real quadratic fields
Kok Seng Chua PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1457-1470
Predicting nonlinear pseudorandom number generators
Simon R. Blackburn, Domingo Gomez-Perez, Jaime Gutierrez and Igor E. Shparlinski PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1471-1494
Computing the tight closure in dimension two
Holger Brenner PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1495-1518
Families of cyclic polynomials obtained from geometric generalization of Gaussian period relations
Ki-ichiro Hashimoto and Akinari Hoshi PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1519-1530
Solving quadratic equations using reduced unimodular quadratic forms
Denis Simon PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1531-1543
Computing weight $2$ modular forms of level $p^2$
Ariel Pacetti and Fernando Rodriguez Villegas; with an appendix by B. Gross PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1545-1557
The continuing search for Wieferich primes
Joshua Knauer and Jörg Richstein PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1559-1563
On the nonexistence of $2$-cycles for the $3x+1$ problem
John L. Simons PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1565-1572
Erratum to “Some new kinds of pseudoprimes”
Jerzy Browkin PDF
Math. Comp. 74 (2005), 1573-1573