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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 76, Number 257
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Nonconforming tetrahedral finite elements for fourth order elliptic equations
Wang Ming and Jinchao Xu PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 1-18
Local a posteriori estimates for pointwise gradient errors in finite element methods for elliptic problems
Alan Demlow PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 19-42
A posteriori error analysis for locally conservative mixed methods
Kwang Y. Kim PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 43-66
Superconvergence of the numerical traces of discontinuous Galerkin and Hybridized methods for convection-diffusion problems in one space dimension
Fatih Celiker and Bernardo Cockburn PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 67-96
A least-squares method for second order noncoercive elliptic partial differential equations
JaEun Ku PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 97-114
Stabilized finite element method based on the Crank–Nicolson extrapolation scheme for the time-dependent Navier–Stokes equations
Yinnian He and Weiwei Sun PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 115-136
A generalized BPX multigrid framework covering nonnested V-cycle methods
Huo-Yuan Duan, Shao-Qin Gao, Roger C. E. Tan and Shangyou Zhang PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 137-152
Analysis of the heterogeneous multiscale method for parabolic homogenization problems
Pingbing Ming and Pingwen Zhang PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 153-177
Optimal anisotropic meshes for minimizing interpolation errors in $L^p$-norm
Long Chen, Pengtao Sun and Jinchao Xu PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 179-204
A second-order Magnus-type integrator for quasi-linear parabolic problems
C. González and M. Thalhammer PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 205-231
Biorthogonal bases with local support and approximation properties
Bishnu P. Lamichhane and Barbara I. Wohlmuth PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 233-249
A Lax–Wendroff type theorem for unstructured quasi-uniform grids
Volker Elling PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 251-272
On the convergence of rational approximations of semigroups on intermediate spaces
Mihály Kovács PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 273-286
Convergence properties of preconditioned Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting methods for non-Hermitian positive semidefinite matrices
Zhong-Zhi Bai, Gene H. Golub and Chi-Kwong Li PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 287-298
Shepard–Bernoulli operators
R. Caira and F. Dell’Accio PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 299-321
On the distribution of zeros of the Hurwitz zeta-function
Ramūnas Garunkštis and Jörn Steuding PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 323-337
Quasi-diagonality and the finite section method
Nathanial P. Brown PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 339-360
Deformation of $\Gamma _0(5)$-cusp forms
Helen Avelin PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 361-384
Detecting perfect powers by factoring into coprimes
Daniel J. Bernstein, Hendrik W. Lenstra Jr. and Jonathan Pila PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 385-388
Proving primality in essentially quartic random time
Daniel J. Bernstein PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 389-403
On irregular prime power divisors of the Bernoulli numbers
Bernd C. Kellner PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 405-441
Modular exponentiation via the explicit Chinese remainder theorem
Daniel J. Bernstein and Jonathan P. Sorenson PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 443-454
Efficient computation of root numbers and class numbers of parametrized families of real abelian number fields
Stéphane R. Louboutin PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 455-473
A double large prime variation for small genus hyperelliptic index calculus
P. Gaudry, E. Thomé, N. Thériault and C. Diem PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 475-492
Implementing the asymptotically fast version of the elliptic curve primality proving algorithm
F. Morain PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 493-505
A compositeness test that never fails for Carmichael numbers
Andrew D. Loveless PDF
Math. Comp. 76 (2007), 507-507