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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 80, Number 274
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AFEM for the Laplace-Beltrami operator on graphs: Design and conditional contraction property
Khamron Mekchay, Pedro Morin and Ricardo H. Nochetto PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 625-648
An optimal adaptive mixed finite element method
Carsten Carstensen and Hella Rabus PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 649-667
Divergence-free finite elements on tetrahedral grids for $k\ge 6$
Shangyou Zhang PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 669-695
Supercloseness and superconvergence of stabilized low-order finite element discretizations of the Stokes Problem
Hagen Eichel, Lutz Tobiska and Hehu Xie PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 697-722
Analysis of HDG methods for Stokes flow
Bernardo Cockburn, Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan, Ngoc Cuong Nguyen, Jaume Peraire and Francisco-Javier Sayas PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 723-760
Quasi-optimal and robust a posteriori error estimates in $L^\infty (L^2)$ for the approximation of Allen-Cahn equations past singularities
Sören Bartels and Rüdiger Müller PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 761-780
Mixed formulation, approximation and decoupling algorithm for a penalized nematic liquid crystals model
V. Girault and F. Guillén-González PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 781-819
Operator splitting for the KdV equation
Helge Holden, Kenneth H. Karlsen, Nils Henrik Risebro and Terence Tao PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 821-846
Finite difference solution of a nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation with an external source
G. Berikelashvili, O. Jokhadze, S. Kharibegashvili and B. Midodashvili PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 847-862
Boundedness and strong stability of Runge-Kutta methods
W. Hundsdorfer and M. N. Spijker PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 863-886
On the fast computation of high dimensional volume potentials
Flavia Lanzara, Vladimir Maz’ya and Gunther Schmidt PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 887-904
Exponential convergence and tractability of multivariate integration for Korobov spaces
Josef Dick, Gerhard Larcher, Friedrich Pillichshammer and Henryk Woźniakowski PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 905-930
How well does the Hermite–Padé approximation smooth the Gibbs phenomenon?
Bernhard Beckermann, Valeriy Kalyagin, Ana C. Matos and Franck Wielonsky PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 931-958
On a nonlinear subdivision scheme avoiding Gibbs oscillations and converging towards $C^s$ functions with $s>1$
S. Amat, K. Dadourian and J. Liandrat PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 959-971
Subsequence convergence in subdivision
Deter de Wet PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 973-994
High precision computation of Riemann’s zeta function by the Riemann-Siegel formula, I
J. Arias de Reyna PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 995-1009
Sharp bounds of the Landau constants
Cristinel Mortici PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1011-1018
Dilational interpolatory inequalities
Markus Hegland and Robert S. Anderssen PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1019-1036
Perfect parallelepipeds exist
Jorge F. Sawyer and Clifford A. Reiter PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1037-1040
Computing totally positive algebraic integers of small trace
James McKee PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1041-1052
On the average distribution of pseudorandom numbers generated by nonlinear permutations
Igor E. Shparlinski PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1053-1061
A proof of Dejean’s conjecture
James Currie and Narad Rampersad PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1063-1070
Computing systems of Hecke eigenvalues associated to Hilbert modular forms
Matthew Greenberg and John Voight PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1071-1092
Stably free modules over $\mathbf {R}{[X]}$ of rank $> \dim \mathbf {R}$ are free
Ihsen Yengui PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1093-1098
Class numbers of ray class fields of imaginary quadratic fields
Omer Kucuksakalli PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1099-1122
Equivariant Gröbner bases and the Gaussian two-factor model
Andries E. Brouwer and Jan Draisma PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1123-1133
Subideal border bases
Martin Kreuzer and Henk Poulisse PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1135-1154
Verifying a conjecture of L. Rédei for $p=13$
Sándor Szabó PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1155-1162
An effective bound for the Huber constant for cofinite Fuchsian groups
J. S. Friedman, J. Jorgenson and J. Kramer PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1163-1196
The number of Latin squares of order 11
Alexander Hulpke, Petteri Kaski and Patric R. J. Östergård PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1197-1219
The Erdős–Moser equation $1^k+2^k+\dots +(m-1)^k=m^k$ revisited using continued fractions
Yves Gallot, Pieter Moree and Wadim Zudilin PDF
Math. Comp. 80 (2011), 1221-1237