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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 81, Number 277
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Some error estimates for the lumped mass finite element method for a parabolic problem
P. Chatzipantelidis, R. D. Lazarov and V. Thomée PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 1-20
Analysis of an adaptive Uzawa finite element method for the nonlinear Stokes problem
Christian Kreuzer PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 21-55
Multigrid analysis for the time dependent Stokes problem
Maxim A. Olshanskii PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 57-79
A second-order overlapping Schwarz method for a 2D singularly perturbed semilinear reaction-diffusion problem
Natalia Kopteva and Maria Pickett PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 81-105
Uniform-in-time superconvergence of HDG methods for the heat equation
Brandon Chabaud and Bernardo Cockburn PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 107-129
A projection-based error analysis of HDG methods for Timoshenko beams
Fatih Celiker, Bernardo Cockburn and Ke Shi PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 131-151
Positivity-preserving discontinuous Galerkin schemes for linear Vlasov-Boltzmann transport equations
Yingda Cheng, Irene M. Gamba and Jennifer Proft PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 153-190
Uniform-in-time error estimates for spectral Galerkin approximations of a mass diffusion model
J. V. Gutiérrez-Santacreu and M. A. Rojas-Medar PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 191-218
Maximum principle and convergence of central schemes based on slope limiters
Orhan Mehmetoglu and Bojan Popov PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 219-231
A family of Anadromic numerical methods for matrix Riccati differential equations
Ren-Cang Li and William Kahan PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 233-265
On a new class of additive (splitting) operator-difference schemes
Petr N. Vabishchevich PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 267-276
Algebraic Fourier reconstruction of piecewise smooth functions
Dmitry Batenkov and Yosef Yomdin PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 277-318
Diffusive realizations for solutions of some operator equations: The one-dimensional case
Michel Lenczner, Gérard Montseny and Youssef Yakoubi PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 319-344
Numerical methods for solving a two-dimensional variable-order anomalous subdiffusion equation
Chang-Ming Chen, F. Liu, V. Anh and I. Turner PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 345-366
The generalized polarization tensors for resolved imaging. Part I: Shape reconstruction of a conductivity inclusion
Habib Ammari, Hyeonbae Kang, Mikyoung Lim and Habib Zribi PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 367-386
Numerical solution of the ${\mathbb R}$-linear Beltrami equation
Marko Huhtanen and Allan Perämäki PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 387-397
A variant of the AOR method for augmented systems
M. M. Martins, W. Yousif and J. L. Santos PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 399-417
Multilevel preconditioning and adaptive sparse solution of inverse problems
Stephan Dahlke, Massimo Fornasier and Thorsten Raasch PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 419-446
The modified Levenberg-Marquardt method for nonlinear equations with cubic convergence
Jinyan Fan PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 447-466
Analytical formulae for extended $_3F_2$-series of Watson–Whipple–Dixon with two extra integer parameters
Wenchang Chu PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 467-479
Rational points on diagonal quartic surfaces
Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 481-492
Trading GRH for algebra: Algorithms for factoring polynomials and related structures
Gábor Ivanyos, Marek Karpinski, Lajos Rónyai and Nitin Saxena PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 493-531
The imaginary abelian number fields of $2$-power degrees with ideal class groups of exponent $\leq 2$
Jeoung-Hwan Ahn and Soun-Hi Kwon PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 533-554
Number fields with solvable Galois groups and small Galois root discriminants
John W. Jones and Rachel Wallington PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 555-567
Archimedean maps of higher genera
Ján Karabáš and Roman Nedela PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 569-583
Universal cycles for minimum coverings of pairs by triples, with application to 2-radius sequences
Yeow Meng Chee, San Ling, Yin Tan and Xiande Zhang PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 585-603
On semiregular permutations of a finite set
Alice C. Niemeyer, Tomasz Popiel, Cheryl E. Praeger and Şükrü Yalçınkaya PDF
Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 605-622