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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 89, Number 326
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Guaranteed a posteriori bounds for eigenvalues and eigenvectors: Multiplicities and clusters
Eric Cancès, Geneviève Dusson, Yvon Maday, Benjamin Stamm and Martin Vohralík HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2563-2611
Second order splitting of a class of fourth order PDEs with point constraints
Charles M. Elliott and Philip J. Herbert HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2613-2648
Computational high frequency scattering from high-contrast heterogeneous media
Daniel Peterseim and Barbara Verfürth HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2649-2674
A note on the Monge–Ampère type equations with general source terms
Weifeng Qiu and Lan Tang HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2675-2706
Adaptive iterative linearization Galerkin methods for nonlinear problems
Pascal Heid and Thomas P. Wihler HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2707-2734
Dörfler marking with minimal cardinality is a linear complexity problem
Carl-Martin Pfeiler and Dirk Praetorius HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2735-2752
An ultraweak-local discontinuous Galerkin method for PDEs with high order spatial derivatives
Qi Tao, Yan Xu and Chi-Wang Shu HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2753-2783
The Magnus expansion and post-Lie algebras
Charles Curry, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard and Brynjulf Owren HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2785-2799
Numerical methods for the deterministic second moment equation of parabolic stochastic PDEs
Kristin Kirchner HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2801-2845
Orthogonal polynomials in and on a quadratic surface of revolution
Sheehan Olver and Yuan Xu HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2847-2865
Generalized matrix spectral factorization and quasi-tight framelets with a minimum number of generators
Chenzhe Diao and Bin Han HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2867-2911
On the finiteness and periodicity of the $p$-adic Jacobi–Perron algorithm
Nadir Murru and Lea Terracini HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2913-2930
Computing isomorphisms between lattices
Tommy Hofmann and Henri Johnston HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2931-2963
Explicit Coleman integration for curves
Jennifer S. Balakrishnan and Jan Tuitman HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2965-2984
On computing the eventual behavior of an $\mathrm {FI}$-module over the rational numbers
John D. Wiltshire-Gordon HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 2985-3001
Computing GIT-fans with symmetry and the Mori chamber decomposition of $\overline {M}_{0,6}$
Janko Böhm, Simon Keicher and Yue Ren HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 3003-3021
Implicitization of tensor product surfaces via virtual projective resolutions
Eliana Duarte and Alexandra Seceleanu HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 3023-3056
How far away must forced letters be so that squares are still avoidable?
Matthieu Rosenfeld HTML | PDF
Math. Comp. 89 (2020), 3057-3071