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November, the month of the American Thanksgiving, seems an appropriate time to be grateful for mathematics, for our community, and especially for you our Notices readers. In appreciation we offer a feature on the difficulty of undoing the problem of antibiotic-resistant microbes, a sampler from the AMS Fall Western Sectional, a deep glimpse into the concept of varifold, a preview of the AMS two-day short course on discrete differential geometry, an account of immigration in the history of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, the Graduate Student section, and advice on writing a teaching recommendation letter and on making mathematics accessible to people with hearing loss. —Frank Morgan, Editor-in-Chief


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Graduate Students

November 2017
Volume 64 · Issue 10

Paul Wolfskehl and the Wolfskehl Prize, by Klaus Barner

On June 27, 1997, Andrew Wiles received the Wolfskehl Prize from the Göttingen Academy of Science, for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.  Who was Paul Wolfskehl, and why did he create this prize? The dramatic and surprising story is told in this carefully researched article.