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Hickok, Kooloth Win 2024 AWM Dissertation Prize

Abigail Hickok and Parvathi M. Kooloth have been awarded the 2024 Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Dissertation Prize, recognizing exceptional work in a dissertation defended in the last 24 months. The award is intended to be based entirely on the dissertation itself, not on other work of the individual. The prizes were presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Francisco, CA.

Hickok received her PhD in 2023 at UCLA under the supervision of Mason Porter. She is currently an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University. Hickok’s dissertation consists of work from six papers and a book chapter in the area of topological and geometric data analysis.

Kooloth received her PhD in Mathematics in 2022 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the direction of Leslie M. Smith. She is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In her thesis, “Moist potential vorticity and coherent structures in the atmosphere,” Kooloth solved a longstanding puzzle in the fluid dynamics of the atmosphere and the ocean.

Association for Women in Mathematics

Women and Mathematics Program Awarded 2023 AWM Presidential Recognition Award

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) presented its 2023 Presidential Recognition Award to the Women and Mathematics Program (WAM) at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) for its 30-year record of celebrating excellent mathematics and for fostering exceptional community citizenship.

Founded by Karen Uhlenbeck and Chuu-Lian Terng in 1993 as part of the Park City Mathematics Institute, WAM was established at IAS in 1994. To date, the program has welcomed more than 1,650 participants, resulting in a powerful network. WAM’s core curriculum includes an intensive multiday workshop on the IAS campus that features lectures, seminars, and working sessions on a selected topic.

Association for Women in Mathematics

Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics to be Held June 2024

The Ninth Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics (PRCM) will be held June 17–21, 2024 at the Darwin Convention Centre, in Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia), hosted by the Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI), Australian National University (ANU).

“The PRCM is a broad mathematical event held every few years that covers a wide range of exciting research in contemporary mathematics,” according to its organizers. “Its objectives are to offer a venue for the presentation to and discussion among a wide audience of the latest trends in mathematical research, and to strengthen ties between mathematicians working in the Pacific Rim region.”

Scheduled plenary speakers are Binyong Sun (Zhejiang University), Jun-cheng Wei (University of British Columbia), Gabor Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona), Allan Sly (Princeton University), Mohammed Abouzaid (Stanford University), Kay Owens (Charles Sturt University), Minhyong Kim (ICMS Edinburgh and Korea Institute for Advanced Study), Alexandre Ern (University of Paris-Est), and Gerhard Huisken (Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics).

For more information, see

Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics

JMAA Announces 2022 Ames, Wong Awards

The editorial board of the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (JMAA) has selected and announced the winners of the 2022 Ames Awards and James S. W. Wong Prize.

Awarded annually, the JMAA Ames Awards honor the memory of William F. Ames, former editor-in-chief of the JMAA. The papers, in pure and applied mathematics, were selected by a journal selection committee from all papers published in the journal in the last three years. Each award consists of a certificate of merit and a monetary prize of $2,500.

Winners of the 2022 Ames Awards are Paolo Marcellini, for their paper “Growth conditions and regularity for weak solutions to nonlinear elliptic PDEs” J. Math. Anal. Appl. 501 (2021), no. 1, 124408, and Davide Barbieri, Eugenio Hernández, and Victoria Paternostro, for their paper “Spaces invariant under unitary representations of discrete groups” J. Math. Anal. Appl. 492 (2020), no. 1, 124357.

A biennial award, the Wong Prize recognizes an outstanding paper published in the JMAA in the preceding ten years and consists of a cash award of $10,000. The Wong Prize fund was established in 2012 by the family of Dr. James S. W. Wong and Elsevier in honor of Dr. Wong’s contributions to mathematics, career accomplishments, and editorial service to the JMAA. Winners of the 2022 Wong Prize are Angelo Alvino, Friedemann Brock, Francesco Chiacchio, Anna Mercaldo, and Maria Rosaria Posteraro, for their paper “Some isoperimetric inequalities on with respect to weights J. Math. Anal. Appl. 451 (2017), no. 1, 280–318.

—Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications