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The potential $\mathcal {J}$-relation and amalgamation bases for finite semigroups
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by T. E. Hall and Mohan S. Putcha PDF
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 95 (1985), 361-364 Request permission


Let $S$ be a finite semigroup, $a,b \in S$. When does there exist a finite semigroup $T$ containing $S$ such that $a\mathcal {J}b$ in $T$? This problem was posed to the second named author by John Rhodes in 1974. We show here that if $a$, $b$ are regular, then such a semigroup $T$ exists if and only if either $a\mathcal {J}b$ in $S$, or $a \notin SbS$ and $b \notin SaS$. We use this result to show that analgamation bases for the class of finite semigroups have linearly ordered $\mathcal {J}$-classes.
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