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The dynamics of rotating waves in scalar reaction diffusion equations
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by S. B. Angenent and B. Fiedler PDF
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 307 (1988), 545-568 Request permission


The maximal compact attractor for the RDE ${u_t} = {u_{xx}} + f(u, {u_x})$ with periodic boundary conditions is studied. It is shown that any $\omega$-limit set contains a rotating wave, i.e., a solution of the form $U(x - ct)$. A number of heteroclinic orbits from one rotating wave to another are constructed. Our main tool is the Nickel-Matano-Henry zero number. The heteroclinic orbits are obtained via a shooting argument, which relies on a generalized Borsuk-Ulam theorem.
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