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Multiresolution approximations and wavelet orthonormal bases of $L^ 2(\textbf {R})$
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by Stephane G. Mallat PDF
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 315 (1989), 69-87 Request permission


A multiresolution approximation is a sequence of embedded vector spaces ${({{\mathbf {V}}_j})_{j \in {\text {z}}}}$ for approximating ${{\mathbf {L}}^2}({\mathbf {R}})$ functions. We study the properties of a multiresolution approximation and prove that it is characterized by a $2\pi$-periodic function which is further described. From any multiresolution approximation, we can derive a function $\psi (x)$ called a wavelet such that ${(\sqrt {{2^j}} \psi ({2^j}x - k))_{(k,j) \in {{\text {z}}^2}}}$ is an orthonormal basis of ${{\mathbf {L}}^2}({\mathbf {R}})$. This provides a new approach for understanding and computing wavelet orthonormal bases. Finally, we characterize the asymptotic decay rate of multiresolution approximation errors for functions in a Sobolev space ${{\mathbf {H}}^s}$.
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