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On the dependence of analytic solutions of partial differential equations on the right-hand side
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by Siegfried Momm PDF
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 345 (1994), 729-752 Request permission


Given a nonzero polynomial $P(z) = \sum \nolimits _{|\alpha | \leq m} {{a_\alpha }{z^\alpha }}$ on ${\mathbb {C}^N}$, Martineau proved in the 1960s that for each convex domain G of ${\mathbb {C}^N}$ the partial differential operator $P(D)f = \sum \nolimits _{|\alpha | \leq m} {{a_\alpha }{f^{(\alpha )}}}$ acting on the Fréchet space $A(G)$ of all analytic functions on G is surjective. In the present paper it is investigated whether solutions f of the equation $P(D)f = g$ can be chosen as $f = R(g)$ with a continuous linear operator $R:A(G) \to A(G)$. For bounded G we give a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of such an R.
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